WhatsApp Image 2017-04-15 at 02.05.43Hello beautiful people!

Dusts cobwebs off my blog, No excuses so please just forgive me. My job takes 105% of my time, but this Easter break is for you lovelies! I noticed hauls get a lot of viewing here, so I thought to resurface with a satisfying haul! The last haul I did was here .

Today I’m going to show you a few products I got from January-date….

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Today was a casual day out, I brought out two of my favourite items; My Mena satchel bag from Hopic printz which I reviewed HERE and my old mules . The outfit was simple but the bag made it pop. Everyone loves a simple midi dress that can be glammed up with a few accessories…. […]

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Sarah James is a professional nail artist in Nigeria. With creativity and quality customer service as the bedrock of her business, she specializes in all nail treatment and techniques, Including nail sculpting, nail art designs, acrylic, gel manicure, fibreglass, basic manicure and lots more. The studio is located at Plot 8, CMD road Magodo, Lagos. […]

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From L-R Ruby Woo, Heroine, Flat out fabulous, Relentlessly Red. I’m a Lipstick Lover and M.A.C is a brand that doesn’t fail me. The only thing I’m not too keen about is the price. They go for £15.50 each/N5,500 at their outlet in Nigeria. I absolutely love their Matte and Retro-Matte collection. My Friend Tosin […]

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 1. MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL MASCARA : I bought this mascara from my friend  Dami, she’s a makeup artist and she recommended it. I first had a love-hate relationship with it but over time I’ve grown to love it! It literally takes my lashes from 0-100. I bought it for N800, but online it costs more so […]

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Hello! So if you follow me on twitter @LLynn_J you’d notice that I have been ranting about me trying to wear makeup only when ‘necessary’ or on important occasions, meaning an average of twice a week. Truthfully, the main reason for me doing this ‘challenge‘ is because of the weather lately, Just unrelatably Hot. Furthermore, […]

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Hello! Today I’d be sharing with you some items that are staples in my hand bag. I try not to forget any of these at home. They all make my day more functional in one way or the other. 1. HAND CREAM: No one likes ashy hands so this is a necessity for me. I […]

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Happy Easter! Hope you’re having fun and enjoying the long weekend. Today I’d be sharing six beauty products I enjoyed throughout last month! Most of which are new additions.


I bought this spray from my beauty joint haul last year, but I hardly ever use it as you see from the image below….. It’s a product I love but for some reason I abandoned it these past months, until recently. It acts as a setting spray after makeup application. I spray it at arm’s length, it first appears wet then dries up in about 30seconds. It keeps your makeup longer and leaves your skin dewy. I absolutely love it! Gets a 10/10 from me.DSC_1219
2. L.A. GIRL PRO CONCEALERS: makeup lovers know this so no need to over explain. I bought three shades; Fawn, warm honey and toast. I use this for my brows every time I fill them and it keeps them neat and defined. I hardly contour or highlight so these small concealers tubes would last me a long time. For those in Nigeria you can purchase on Yanga beauty or accessoriesng.comDSC_1218
3. V05 TEXTURISING GUM: I posted this on my Instagram some weeks back. I bought it from Sainsburys in January. Used it once and hated it at first. Apparently I didn’t know how to apply it. It’s one of those things you buy, throwaway and go back to. I revisited it 3weeks back and it had my hair on check. It makes my curls pop, and is best applied with your finger tips then you brush with a soft boar bristled brush. Naturalistas should try this. It costs about £6. Absolutely worth every pence.DSC_1216

4. RIMMEL MASCARA: I love eye lashes, just something them. This mascara Not as superb as my Lancôme but they are lovely for everyday wear. The formula elongates your lashes and the brush shape & size allows you to reach your lower lashes aswell. No hair is left uncoated. DSC_1214
5. GLAM’S NAIL LACQUER: I went to my aunt’s studio to get my nails done a while back and she suggested I tried this. constant fixing of acrylics make your nails weak. I bought this hardener for N1,200 I.e £5. It’s meant to be applied thrice a week. It strengthens your nail beds and prepares it for the nail fixing process. Works very well!DSC_1222
6. PONDS OIL CONTROL TALC POWDER: This product is straight to the point, and it’s been around for a while. I have some parts of my face that likes to produce oil more than others. E.g my cheeks and above my brows. I really don’t know why…… I’m yet to buy a primer, so on days when I feel a bit oily and I don’t want to touch up with a Brown powder, I apply this lightly with my powder brush. It makes me look fresh and I don’t look white. I also like the smell, very nice. DSC_1221
These are all my favourite beauty products from March. Are there any you’ve used amongst them? If yes, share your experiences below and if not tell me which product/s you’ve used, loved and you recommend!
Hope you’re Easter is going swell? I’m coming with another post this evening on how I spent this mini break.
Have an awesome day ahead.

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

P.s. My wall paint is from DuluxNigeria in the colour Raspberry Bellini, it’s very bright and is a cross between orange and pink. The texture is Silk/Satin finish.



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FullSizeRender-1 copyHello!

I was tagged by Esther 150 on youtube to do this tag, and I fimed the video earlier today.

I answered a few questions about my lipsticks and lip related products. Do enjoy.

P.s. I filmed this video in my bedroom but a different corner, and I think I like the white background better. Let me know what you think/which you prefer.


INSTAGRAM: lynnjaphet
SONGS: WOJU: kiss daniel
Editor: Final cut pro/Imovie
– Vaseline
– MAC Ruby Woo
– Rimmel No. 10 Lipstick
-Sleek Papaya punch
-Sleek Mystic
-Zaron lipstick in Dusk
– MAC flat out fabulous
-MAC Heroine
1. Favorite balm/treatment?
2. Best eye-catching red?
3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. The most disappointing?
6. Liner – yes or no?
7. Best gloss?
8. Something extra!
I tag:
→ AmyLozy
→ Tosin Alabi
→Sisi yemmie
→beauty & crushes
→meerah’s closet
→ 93Kaffy
→ LisaOfficallyLive

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…
Have a great weekend! speak to you soon…

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IMG_3797 copyHello people,

Hope you’re doing great, I just realised that I’m 2 years, a month and a week natural today, and an update is only right. I get a lot of questions about my hair, its care and my regimen. In the past, I have tried to make videos, write posts and answer questions via my social media accounts, But I guess when it comes to hair, we enthusiasts always want to know more. Hence this post.

MY NATURAL HAIR TIME LINE (2months post Big chop till date-2years Natural)

IMG_7831 copy

I would try to divide this post into sections and answer all questions I have gotten over time. All points/answers are solely what has worked for me, I am not an expert, take all with discretion.

1. WHY NATURAL?: I have cut my hair thrice before this, just for style purposes i.e the ‘Anita baker’ kind of hair cut, but it never lasts. The back grew back and I to re-trim it almost every 2-3 months. On the last occasion, I just decided to take it all off. My friend Biola was actually the one who ‘enticed’ me with the natural hair movement. I first wanted to keep it short, i.e like month 2 as seen above, but when it started growing out, I quite

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