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Lately this has been my favourite snack! I made it recently and had so many positive reviews from those who had some…… I thought to film a tutorial! do enjoy and let me know if you’d definitely be trying this out.INGREDIENTS LISTS.jpg



Making Your Skin Look Better with Lasers

If you are disappointed with how your skin looks chances are good that there are things you can do to make it better. One of those things is to undergo laser skincare treatment. Lasers have been part of the skincare world for many years, and they are constantly being streamlined to provide better corrections for a variety of skin ailments. So, you can use the proper anti-aging laser treatment to make your skin look better. But first it may help you to understand why you need the help of lasers and how they are capable of assisting you.

Why Anti-Aging Procedures Are Necessary

You may feel like you have cared for your skin properly on a daily basis and have nothing to show for it. But if that is the case you probably have slowed down the development of your skin issues. The problem is that your skin is on the outside of your body, which means it is subjected to both external and internal challenges. Everything from whether or not you smoke to what you eat, the products you apply to your skin, or your exposure to chemicals or weather can influence how fast your skin ages. Read More

Elsie Godwin Launches Her Book Titled Oya Start Blogging

Popular Relationship Blogger and my industry friend, Elsie Godwin launches her book titled; Oya Start Blogging in Lagos, Nigeria.

The book which teaches both the young and old about the intricacies of blogging and how to go into it has eight chapters of insightful wisdom and knowledge which are timely and quite contemporary.

In her words, “the aim of writing this book is to get more people blogging beyond the bounds of mere gossip. I want them to embrace blogging as a tool for change.”

“There is a great need to pass on this knowledge about the blogosphere especially where there are lots of heresies about blogging from several quarters.”

Elsie who has won several awards globally was featured in the Top 20 Relationship Blogs across the globe in 2017.

Oya Start Blogging is a carefully crafted body of  work by Elsie Godwin, detailed and rich with information that are positioned not only to right the wrong perception created by a few about blogging in the eyes of the right thinking world, but to inspire even more creative, conscious and capable minded that have thoughts about becoming bloggers, writers or any other form of literary connoisseur in Nigeria to pick up their pen and bleed the ink on the papers for the world to embrace, enjoy and be informed.

The 31 page book has already started gaining global attention as top bloggers across the globe are said to have requested a copy of the book.

She further encouraged Nigerians to promote the reading culture among the citizens, stating that there is a need to look into the books and guides to succeed in life.

To celebrate her birthday, the book can be downloaded for free for the next 7 days via HERE ( )

Elsie Godwin is an On-Air-Personality, social media consultant, influencer, Transcriber and blogger behind the award-winning Literary, Lifestyle and Relationship blog ELSiEiSY.COM, and the TV show – Crux of the Matter. She also has a corner on Guardian Life Nigeria where she writes her opinion on Relationships and Lifestyle related matters. She also co-hosts HeartMatters on Lagos Traffic Radio (96.1FM).

She is passionate about raising awareness on the fight against Rape, Domestic Violence, Sex education and Sexual Health, Mental Health Issues, struggles of orphanages, Sickle Cell Diseases and societal stigmatization.



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This video is all about wig care, maintenance and storage! I also show you how I steam my wigs with a pot and water! Very detailed with footage showing step by step processes.

Do enjoy.