experience (2)experienceAfricanism Cosmopolitan is a lifestyle hub. This blog is an aspect which expresses the author’s faith, style, interests and creativity.

Tosin Alabi (Maiden name)

Connect with author:
Twitter: @LLynn_J 

Instagram: Lynnjaphet

Facebook : Tosin-Lynn Ade-Aibinu

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lynnjaphet@gmail.com| info@tosinalabi.com

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16 Comments on “ABOUT”

  1. Like your work. Neat. Would like to pick your brain on a few matters. How could I reach you outside of this blog? Email, twitter, bbm, phone number? Whichever.

  2. Hello Tosyn, I love love love your Blog. Am so impressed and motivated 2 want to change my fashion sense with the tips I get from you blog.

    A quick favour from you If you don’t mind? Can you email your BB pin/Email address to me @ pricelessjewel4real@yahoo.com.

    Looking forward to reading from you soonest.

    Many Thanks

  3. I. Love. Your. Blog! Ur fashion sense and taste in clothes is off the hook. Been looking for a young fashion conscious lady whose looks I can channel. I would love to know where u shop if u do not mind sharing.
    I am also joining the natural hair movement and u r an inspiration.
    Thanks for a great and Simple fashion blog for the clueless wanna be fashionistas.

  4. Hey Tosin,

    My name is Tim Hamilton, I’m the Partnerships-Manager at JvPartnersNow

    I’m contacting you regarding a Sponsored-Post we’d like to publish on your Blog.

    The content won’t be about any specific Brand or Company, instead it will be about a topic of your choosing.

    We’re only interested in long-term Partnerships with quality Blogs in the Lifestyle & Beauty niches.

    Goes without saying – We’re paying for each article posted on your blog so it’s not a Free-Loading type of offer…

    If you’d like to see Samples of the Content we offer – We can send you a list of bloggers that published our Articles in the past – Just let me know.

    Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you additional details about the offer.

    Thank you in advance for your Time & Consideration !


    Tim Hamilton


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