Here’s a quick fried rice recipe. I guarantee you this is fast and you get the same results as the traditional method, maybe even more flavourful ! Video is 3minutes long.


  • Rice
  • Spices: Salt, curry, thyme, black pepper, seasoning cubes.
  • chickens stock
  • Mixed vegetables
  • prawns
  • Peppers
  • Oil
  • onions



Untitled design (7).pngHere’s a yummy breakfast smoothie in a minute.

I love smoothies, when I need a boost on crusty days I opt for one.

Besides the listed ingredients below you can add chia seeds, Flax seeds, honey, almond milk, any other fruit, and even a protein powder supplement. The choice is really yours.


  •  An Apple
  • 2 Bananas
  • A handful of frozen Berries
  • A hand full of Spinach
  • 6 table spoons of fat free yogurt
  • Blender, Table spoon, chopping board and a knife.


IMG_1444I’ve always been a fan of drugstore makeup just that all the ones (foundations) I’ve tried just never worked well for me in Nigeria, from revlon to L’Oréal they all just melted off in the scorching sun (who can relate😞).

So I stuck with high-end (Lancôme, MAC, Black up) and my pocket paid the price.

Since I moved to where its much colder, I decided to try drugstore again.
I opted for the Maybelline Fit me foundations and concealers . I bought them from superdrug and they cost £6.99 and £5.99 respectively.

My review
Foundation: (Approx ₦3,600) I got the shade 350 caramel and 356 warm coconut. My actual shade is somewhere in between so I mix both.IMG_1447IMG_1445

Texture & Finish : The foundation is light weight and Matte.

Coverage: It claims it’s medium-full coverage but I found it’s no where near FULL coverage (to me), certainly buildable but I like straight to the point coverage or maybe I’m just used to the Marykay/Blackopal/MAC kind of thick coverage. 

Verdict: Fair price, a bit too cool toned for me, buildable and light weight which is nice. I rate it 6 out of 10.

The concealers: £5.99 each (approx ₦3,100)IMG_1446

Texture and finish:  Rich, covers very well, and doesn’t crease. I got them in the shade 45,50,55.

Verdict: Fair price, wand applicator is great, applies smoothly, wide colour range and excellent quality. I rate it a 9/10.
Would I recommend? Absolutely. ……

Do you buy drugstore foundation? If yes what’s your favourite ?



This “hollywood style” dresser has been a hit in recent years……from makeup studios to salons and even bedrooms! Every one wants one. It’s such a great addition to any personal space.

It specifically provides lighting when getting dressed and serves as a good focal point for decor.

I mentioned in my last post that we recently moved house and I’ve been decorating.

We converted one of the rooms to my office/vanity room. There, I have my dresser, office desk, rail, documents, printer, filming equipment, shoes and basically 90% of all my belongings.

I created a wish list on amazon on the things I wanted for the room and surprisingly 4 of my awesome friends decided to pick up the tab as a wedding present! Shout out to Yejide, Ibidun, Consolata, and Vanessa B!

Vanessa purchased the Chende vanity hollywood style lighting kit for me. I was so happy when she sent me the order details, I couldn’t wait to set it up.

I always wanted the ready-made store bought Read More



I have a practice of doing a year’s review at the beginning of every new year, see 2015 and 2016 videos Here.

Today’s post is a 2017 edition! In this video I share my lessons from last year.  The video is  divided into “faith, business and personal development lessons”.

Do watch and share.



Have you ever walked into a bank  just admired the wall clock display showing about 6 different countries and their current time. I’ve always loved this idea and thought to implement it once I have time.

We recently moved to a new space and I was more excited about decorating than actually moving in. If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (@Lynnjaphet) you’d have seen snippets of my DIY creations.

Today I’d be sharing this easy and affordable Time zone art with you! Costs me £5 in total!

You’d need

  • Three of the same wall clock 🕑🕑🕑
    (£1 each from @poundworld) with batteries.
  • 2 sheets of Alphabet stickers (£1 each from @poundworld) depends on the cities and words, needed lots of vowels so bought two packs.
  • Small Nails or command strips to hang up.
  •  Hammer
  •  A pencil
  •  A carpenters tape/ruler and a good sense of alignment lol 
  • DSC_1800DSC_1803DSC_1807DSC_1795

How to: 

  1. Choose your cities/ your time zones. I chose Lagos, Glasgow and New York.
  2. Mark “X” where you want your first clock to go up with a pencil. Use ruler to measure the distance between the first Clock to the next, also mark “X” for alignment.
  3.  Hammer in your nails on the three X spots/ use command strips.
  4.  Set time and place clocks. Adjust alignment if need be.
  5. Now use ruler to measure endbase of clock to where you want the words to be. (E.g 3inches distance ).
  6. Now place stickers carefully on a straight line, using the base of lettering as a guide.


And that’s all! ❤️❤️❤️ cheap, easy and looks interesting on our hall way……

Good reminder of home.

Do let me know if you’d be recreating this and would like to see more DIY projects.







I received these beautiful glasses from Firmoo opticals, a leading eye glass company. I’ve been totally loving them. I did a video review and trust me its a good watch. Short and informative.

I received the glasses to the UK a week after I chose my preferred style: S947(C13).

It arrived well packaged, First thing I noticed was the quality and overall aesthetic. Good quality and great craftsmanship.

This particular lens also comes in green, black and pink, see HERE. The pair goes for $24 besides shipping and I think its very  affordable considering the quality. It would cost more if you’re getting them as prescription (also offered on firmoo.com).

I would totally recommend this brand as they have excellent customer service, good product and worldwide shipping.

DSC_1592 2


Do Watch the video and let me know your thoughts..




Happy new year!

So late last year I received this black face mask from original cosmetics, an online beauty supply store in Nigeria.

However, with skin care products I’m very careful. I’ve once done a review on a product I later reacted badly to. So with this one I wanted to use it multiple times before sharing.

You know those ADS you see all over the internet with people pulling out white heads from their skin with a mask, this product claims to do the same.

I’ve used it a couple of times and I like how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I filmed the entire process for you and thought to share.

My verdict

  • Reduces oil
  • Instant brightness to skin
  • Hurts when pulled if hairy on face
  • Takes a while to completely dry (30minutes)
  • Skin feels very soft after rinse.
  • On all occasions used, It didn’t pull out black heads as claimed, but I know with consistent use its improves overall skin appearance
  • Very affordable N4,000 only.

Do let me know your thoughts.

Here is a link to purchase! BUY HERE


201712171807362828.jpgHello all!

*Dusts cobweb off the blog for the umpteenth time! LOL* You just have to forgive me again. 

If you recently just found my blog, welcome! my name is Tosin read my about me HERE ^.^ though needs an update, but if you’re an old reader or a Youtuber subscriber, I say HELLLO with a warm hug!

So if you follow me on snapchat you’d know I’m planning my Nigerian wedding party presently which comes up in a week! I have been working with my planner who is also a reader of this blog ** shout out to you Ope** for a while to ensure the day goes well.

I had my civil wedding approximately 6months ago (June) and I’m presently in Nigeria for the remaining festivities. Read More