So if you follow me on twitter @LLynn_J you’d notice that I have been ranting about me trying to wear makeup only when ‘necessary’ or on important occasions, meaning an average of twice a week.

Truthfully, the main reason for me doing this ‘challenge‘ is because of the weather lately, Just unrelatably Hot. Furthermore, I just felt I should try detoxifying my skin i.e a little off products, more water and wash my makeup brushes lol.

I embarked on this journey earlier this month and I’ve noticed a few things which I thought to share.

1. AWARENESS: Besides the fact that makeup when not properly taken off could clog or irritate your skin, it makes you less aware of your skin’s needs. Since I’ve stopped wearing makeup as much, I noticed a few skin issues which are now more apparent on my bare skin. Some of which are large pores on my nose, scarring from previous breakouts and minor discolorations. I’m not saying that I didn’t realise these things before, but being makeup free gave me the kick to treat them. Now I exfoliate more often and I use my cleansers more diligently. For the slight discolouration I think it’s from sun burn, but as soon as I get sunscreen It’d be fine.

2. BROW GROOMING: I Have naturally full brows but I don’t go out of my way to keep them extra groomed. Wearing full makeup includes filling your brows and concealing imperfections, now that I’m weaning myself off that I realised that I should have well-kept brows with/without makeup. Groomed brows not only frames your face, it makes you look ‘awake’.

3. I NEED EXTRA SLEEP: The first day I went out without makeup someone asked me if I was ok, because my eyes looked puffy lol. I felt a bit bad because I have the same sleep pattern (sleep late-up early) but being makeup free pronounced it all. Whereas on days when I get a good night rest I receive compliments like ” You are glowing, you look radiant ” etc…. all without makeup.

4. WEATHER FRIENDLY: Lol This is the most obvious advantage. I love the ease of wiping off my face with wipes when I get oily. No shocking before or afters. Just nice! If Lagos decides to be Glasgow or Dubai, I feel alright. No fears of makeup running off or need to blot my skin stylishly.

5. I MOISTURISE MORE: Nowadays I seem to lean towards my cream more often, Since I know I’d be barefaced I don’t want to look dry or ashy right after shower, so I moisturize well before leaving home. Plus moisturising is great. it keeps your skin supple and hydrated.

5. WEARING MAKEUP FEELS  MORE REWARDING: I don’t know why this is, but at the end of each week when I wear makeup for church it feels like an achievement, in fact so far I feel makeup application is smoother when your skin has been allowed to breathe for a while.


1. Would I continue the detox: Most probably, I don’t want to make anything a “must-do”. I should be able to go out to places makeup free without feeling shy or less confident. However, I still love my makeup and would wear it fully on days I feel like it. Glam doesn’t hurt.

2. Do I feel like my skin is better off: Not necessarily to be honest. I just know better now that I should always take off my makeup properly when I do apply it.

So that’s all!

Do let me know what you think about “makeup detox” for makeup lovers….

Hope your week has been great so far?

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below…




  1. I don’t consider myself a makeup enthusiast but I wear make up every now and then. The weather is not friendly and until a Makeup brand can create products tailored for Nigerian weather I will respect myself. You look great without makeup.

  2. You look beautiful without makeup, to me i’m nt a makeup fans at all, Jesus has make me up already lol altho its kool that u on detox that will help u to understand ur skin very well.

  3. Recently, I have been off makeup for a while and I am getting used to it. And on days i wear.. its like wow! this feels good on my skin. I think we should go on makeup detox when we can for certain benefits: 1) your face needs a rest from all the stuff we apply 2) so when you find yourself in a situation of no makeup, you are still your confident you 3) Your makeup products gets to last longer 4) In remebrance of when we were fresh faced natural looking kids 🙂

  4. I have reduced my makeup to days I want to be photographed (lol I sound like a celeb) so now it’s just highlighted eyebrows and lipstick/lipbalm.
    The weather is super hot it’s so annoying.
    Detox is needed once in a while so it’s a yes for me.

  5. I have always thought we all need to love ourselves more without all the glamour. Thumbs up Tosin. I also only make up (foundation and all its trimmings) when I have serious outings and I need to look ghenghen extraordinaire. otherwise white powder it is.. Like you said, you become more aware of your skin’s needs. You should try honey (the local one oo not the refined store ones) as a face wash! My face is less discoloured and more toned.

  6. Tosin, I enjoyed this post.

    Going fresh-faced gives an air of innocence. You feel free-er too, especially when you have clear skin, as you are not bothered about if your lipstick has smudged or if your mascara is running.

    I like how make-up amplifies my looks whenever I choose to apply some. I especially love how I feel when I’m wearing my Mac Ruby Woo lipstick. I’ve been wooed by “the Woo” 😀

    Like they say, “A smile is a woman’s best accessory”, you have a great smile.

  7. You actually look good without make up you know. Having a lost history of acne, although my face is much better now, i abhor wearing powder or foundation and still having to walk under the hot sun. so, for me, until i can get a car, it would just be basic makeup as my everyday kind of make-up. There are days i also dont make up, just cos i don’t feel like it and those days, i’m not the least bothered. Also, i’m on my own kind of detox. I have been off fizzy drinks and sweet things for a while now, eating more fruits and drinking lots of water. It has been helping as i see an improvement in my skin.

    • Virtuous Spirit, I agree with you.

      I’ve stayed away from fizzy drinks since the 1st of October 2013, I remember the exact date with self-pride because it took great discipline.

      At the risk of sounding clichéd, water, freshly squeezed pineapple & orange juice and green tea are my preferred beverages these days.

      I find that my skin has fared well with this dietary adjustment and hopefully my insides have benefited too 🙂

      • Wow. 2013, you go girl! Good work. Just stated mine weeks back as I was so tired seeing so many pimples in my face. I am determined to go all out to get clearer and healthier skin on my face

  8. Just rub in honey unto your face. Leave for like 7-10 minutes. Whilst you brush your teeth or get your bath things in order. Then wash off with warm water (although I never use warm water it’s too hot abeg). Then I use honey and lemon as a mask for 20 minutes (this should be done on cleansed face oo) once a week.. my skin is the happier for it.

  9. I also feel proud when I can go outside comfortable without makeup.I used to be sop defendant on it and it’s great to finally be back to loving my natural look. Perhaps I’ll try this detox one of these days. You still look great without makeup by the way.

    Princess Audu

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