Hello! and Happy Sunday, 

You know Those outfit combinations that are staple in your closet. I have a lot of those. On days I don’t know what to wear I reach for them immediately. 

This set is one of them. I was joking with my friend Lizzy today that if this top comes to earth again it won’t stop at my door. I have worn this top and skirt countless times and I love it. This is why I like buying loose fitting tops and clothes made with great fabric. You’d hand/machine wash them for years and they’d still appear new or remain your size. 

As an occasional fashion blogger there’s a slight pressure in the blogosphere to always “shop” and barely repeat clothes….oh but that’s not me! I will wear my clothes till I feel it’s time to say goodbye LOL.  

TOP: Ambiance Apparel | Skirt: Evita| Shoes: Office | Bag: House of Fraser!



 P.s. I have no allegiance, I’m back to my bun life “covers face” 

Have a fruitful week ahead! 



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