Today I’d be sharing with you some items that are staples in my hand bag. I try not to forget any of these at home. They all make my day more functional in one way or the other.

1. HAND CREAM: No one likes ashy hands so this is a necessity for me. I got this from a  perfume gift set so it’s scented. On days when I have native meals for lunch, it always comes in handy. I don’t want to shake someone and leave them with scents of Gbegiri ^.^


2. PERFUME: My perfume bottles are usually large and this is the smallest of them. I like to always have some sort of fragrance in my bag. It’s nice to smell good all through the day. DSC_0391

3. HANDY MIRROR: This mirror was gifted to me by my friend Yejide, I like it because it has a magnified and regular mirror. It’s great for touching up makeup.DSC_0393DSC_0394

4. LIPSTICK: Whatever lipstick I have on that day, I put it in my bag when leaving home. Most times it stays on all through the day but on days I have an oily meal I like to wipe it off and re-apply. DSC_0398

5. BABY WIPES: I use this for everything! e.g. in the loo, to wipe off makeup in traffic or to clean up a dirty surface. They are cheap and quite hygienic to use. They cost about N360.DSC_0399

6. CELL PHONE: After my laptop, my phone is my most important gadget. We use phones for almost everything nowadays, so I certainly won’t leave home without it. DSC_0409

7. JOURNAL & PEN: I write a lot, so this is also a necessity. From random ideas to to-do lists, I have it all written down.DSC_0423

8. KEYS: Car keys and home keys are must haves. P.s. that’s a super cute key ring my friend Taiwo got for me. DSC_0416

9. SUNNIES: Lagos is hot! but besides that sunglasses are trendy. Lately I’ve been slowing down on makeup so they help to hide those puffiness in the mornings. DSC_0386

10. POWDER: Every girl who wears makeup knows that you should have your powder and a blotter handy. On days when I’m out for more than 3hours I always take my powder along. I blot off my face with some tissue and re-apply when necessary.


11. WALLET:  It’s always good to have your cards, cash and license in one place. Hence a wallet.DSC_0426

** Other items I carry out but not included in this list are: Chewing gum, Water and a pair of flats/slippers.

    So tell me! what items are staples in your bag? Would love to hear from you!



Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below…


  1. You’ve pretty much captured all the necessities but I use a perfume atomizer instead of going around with a bottle.

  2. My on the go essentials are
    My face powder (my face is so oily ehn)
    Handkerchief (I never go out without one)
    Sanitizer… PUBLIC transport ish..
    Baby wipes (I sometimes forget.. I might have to get one for home and one for outings)
    A pen and book
    My phones and power bank(depending on how long and I’m out)
    My chewing gum always melts..
    I think that’s about all. Oh my wallet too.

  3. Well,you captured most of it, I always have some kind of snack cos I’m always hungry,contact lenses case and solution as I wear them daily, A book as I love to read… That’s about it

  4. I always have tissue paper, my purse, toothpick/tooth floss, lipgloss/lipstick, blotting paper [the way my nose is set up with oil *sighs*], water, a snack, a book, a pen, keys, my earpiece and my MP3 player, hand cream, flats (if I’m wearing uncomfortable heels), chewing gum (when I’m up to it), my phone, an umbrella (the way Canadian weather is set up- all things are possible) and sunglasses (the weather dictates)…

    I guess that’s pretty much it.

  5. I always have a hand sanitizer as well as lemon hand wipes(more handy when I need to nibble on things), lipstick, pocket sized tissues as well as a handkerchief, a mini perfume, hand cream, my little clarins sunscreen, good old Tom-Tom, sunglasses, phone and wallet obviously, alcohol swab + plaster(both of which are constantly in my wallet) and a tampon actually(not because I need it per se, but it’s always there *wink*).
    That’s pretty much most of it 😃

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