It’s been a while I did a makeup related video….Here is my updated foundation routine! Do enjoy…

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY( Choose 1080HD on the settings tab at the base of the video)


Hope your week is going great!



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IMG_0416 copyHello people!

TGIF! Hope your week went great and you’re pumped about the weekend like I am. Today I’m introducing a series on the blog titled 20 Lessons of my 20’s, I’m still in my twenties hence ‘of’ as opposed to ‘from‘.

This segment talks about various things I’ve learnt and I’m still learning as a young woman. I chose today’s topic Unfading beauty: beyond the reflection as the Number 1 LESSON simply because this was the first lesson I learnt in the first few years as an adult. Now I sometimes wonder if this is because I’m female or because God knew I needed to reck that part of me. I’ve once shared my journey on beauty and vanity on the blog Here, but today I’d just discuss a few things I’ve learnt on beauty.

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Hello all, Lately I’ve been having several conversations with people concerning what exactly being beautiful is, and I was quite intrigued about the opinions people had and the standards society has set to classify beauty, from physical appearances/features to character and finesse ……  To you, what exactly makes someone beautiful? Kindly let me know what […]

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