VLOG: What is your god?

Hello people,

Here is a video I filmed over the weekend, Its a collaboration with my friend Dewunmi Adekanmbi of Kool story blog, she writes fictional stories but with a gospel message. 

Watch, share and also Read Dewunmi’s previous post on gods here.

VIEW IN HD: click the settings tab at the base of the video and choose 720hd or higher quality.



23 Comments on “VLOG: What is your god?”

  1. God bless you for this post. I struggle daily with my mini gods cos i knw how serious an issue it is. I sometimes switch off my phones for a long time to keep me frm going on the internet, plus being in a country where internet is everywhere doesn’t really help. God is faithful though, so i think asking him for help and the readiness to change should help.

  2. Great vlog. Honestly, it’s great to see people u can relate with.
    I like your blog and your personality! God bless you darling! 🙂

  3. And I finally watched till the very end. What you said about people not knowing they have mini idols is one of the devil’s strategies. God will give you more and more grace.

  4. God bless you Tosin for this post…this message actually came at the very time when I needed it..thanks a lot hun

  5. This is a beautiful message. I really needed to hear t. Thank you so much. Oh and I love your fashion n style. Keep being ur awesome self. God bless U abundantly. :-):-)

  6. woooow so shocked dis is cming from u tosin. used to know u in skul then and never really felt u where dis spiritual.but this has changed my mindset bout u. and i love ur blog,hard to say but true.sure might not even know me.

  7. Great video on so many levels! 🙂 This made me remember the day God told me that I was vain. It was horrifying and very humbling to hear, after all looking good was important to me. But God said I needed to make it ALL about Him.

    I have never forgotten that!

    You have a beautiful spirit and I pray you continue to shine your light brightly 🙂

    Blessings my sister 😉


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