natural-hair-3Hello there,

I find that people enjoy product hauls, It’s the same effect with all my reviews. See my last product Haul HERE and HERE.

Today I’d be sharing with you some new items I have (hair & makeup). Some are refills while some are my first try. 


1. SEBAMED ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO: I absolutely love this shampoo, I don’t have dandruff but I read on the label that it’s also a preventive treatment. It’s so mild and it lathers up well. It doesn’t have a strong minty smell or anything of sort. It has the consistency of an intimate wash. My hair loves it and I would certainly be restocking when it finishes. I also love the fact that it’s been clinically tested so I know it’s a safe product. I got this at Spar Lekki. dsc_0384dsc_0389

2. HAIR GROWTH STIMULATOR BY BOTANIC FUSION: I bought this product at carnivale Lagos. I attended this trade fair event about two weeks ago with my brother and cousin, I wanted to take photos but I left my camera at home. The lady selling this was so pleasant and she convinced me to buy. She said its great for scalp care, Temple and nape. It’s organic and hand-made. I love people passionate about their craft so I thought to patronise. I got this for ₦1,000 and I’ve been using it religiously. It’s easy to apply and well whipped. It also absorbs well into the scalp. I would give a full review after 60 days of consistent use. Check out her store HERE.  dsc_0381

3. GOT 2B GLUED STYLING GEL AND FREEZING SPRAY: If you’re a YouTube watcher, you’d know this product is the new holy grail for wig wearers. It’s basically a gel that acts like glue. I use this to tape down my closures. It gives just the right amount of hold and it doesn’t flake up, this is the new clear formula. I also got it with a freezing spray, which helps to keep it all in place.

This product is an American brand however it’s being retailed by Naija naturals. Though the gel is sold out, the spray is still in stock (works well alone too).dsc_0392dsc_0393

4. BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED HOT OIL TREATMENT WITH HEMP OIL: The owner of this brand reached out to me to review this, and since I’m pro Buy-Nigerian I was ecstatic to. I received this some days ago and I’m curious to try. I have a couple of hot oil treatments so I’d like to see if there’s any difference. I Like the packaging and the fact it has an applicator. dsc_0338


5.BLACK OPAL TRUE EVEN FOUNDATION: I like this foundation, My friend Toun from this post recommended it to me. I rate it an 8/10. It doesn’t crease, It’s matte and it stays on all day (i.e. if you’re not trekking under Nigerian sun all the time lol). However I don’t like the way it applies, or maybe it’s my brush/application technique. I find that I need to blend it extra well to look right. I got this from Kuddy’s cosmetics, Ikota Vgc. dsc_0375

6. SACHA BUTTERCUP SETTING POWDER: I bought this out of hype to be honest. I never owned a Ben Nye powder amidst all it’s craze, I wonder why I went for this. I did a small research and find that it’s a lot of people’s favourite. This costs £20 but I bought it for ₦8,000 In Nigeria, which I think is a very fair price knowing the current exchange rate. I’m  yet to use this as I rarely wear makeup these days, neither do I ‘bake’ when I do. I hear it’s finely milled compared to most setting powders. I would certainly do a full review once used. dsc_0377

7. L.A PRO CONCEALERS: The fawn was a refill, but I recently got the orange correctorI have this concealer in about 5 shades and I like this for cleaning up my brows + cover up. It doesn’t crease on me and works well for my skin texture. The orange corrector is a great buy too, balances out my colour and my foundation looks more even. dsc_0414dsc_0415

8. MILANI POWDER: Remember my review of this powder HERE?, Well I’ve been using this alongside my MAC mineralise skin finish and I love it. This was simply a re-stock and I was running out of the old one. dsc_0401

9. GLITTERS: These are such cheap buys, Got them for ₦500 each at Lagos Island market, They are great for parties and when you want to look extra glam. They are well milled so it applies easily. The only issue is the inevitable fall outs during application. I got them in Black, blue and copper. dsc_0398

10. DUO LASH GLUE: The duo lash glue I use comes in a blue pack,but I was curious to try out this in a pink pack. It’s actually the same, but this one says dark tone, so I guess it dries black instead of clear. dsc_0373

11. CLASSIC LIPSTICKS: I could be such a last man! I didn’t know this was popping! First they are affordable…. ₦800 max in most places. I’m weary of cheap makeup because they mostly contain mineral oil, but this is a good buy! I have them in a few shades. The nude has been my go-to lipstick these days. Well pigmented and long-lasting. Only issue is they  break off when too much pressure is applied.

Shades below : Sweet honey, natural nude and Deep purple. Also the clear part at the base of the tube is a lightly tinted lip balm, which is great for no-makeup days. dsc_0411dsc_0412dsc_0404dsc_0403dsc_0406dsc_0405

And that’s all!

Do let me know which of these products you’ve used or would be buying soon. Also feel free to drop a comment below on any questions you may have.

Hope you’re doing great?



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  1. Lovely writeup as always. I have and still using Classic lipsticks. Got mine for 300 last year from Trade fair, milani powder is fab. I got my satcha buttercup setting powder at the recently concluded LMUF for 5500. Very good and works for me better than Ben bye banana. I would love to try the seba med shampoo. Their products are mild. Pls Tosin, can you recommend remedy for itchy scalp? My natural hair journey began almost 2yrs ago but my scalp is getting so itchy I’m tempted to relax my hair. Pls any help? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello! Thank you for your kind comment. I used to have that problem too till I did the acid cider vinegar rinse religiously. I did it almost twice a week. Then I also used head and shoulders. More so I ensured I oiled and moisturised my scalp as much as possible. Then I noticed it reduced after a few months. Not experienced dandruff or itchy scalp since then.



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