NATURAL HAIR-2Hello there!

I got some new hair products. Some I bought, some sent in for reviews. There are 14 products in total. I’ve used a few of them so I’d be telling you my first impressions, where to buy and other thoughts in this post. I really like hauls, I wonder why I haven’t been doing them on the blog in the past……..

  1. SHEA MOISTURE CURL ENHANCING SMOOTHIE: Chai! I’ve been sleeping on this product, this is the real MVP. In fact it has taken over my holy grail organics carrot oil cream (See my must have products HERE). It’s perfect for my 4b/4c hair, makes my bun process easier, softer and smells awesome. This followed with eco styler gel, fantastic! The only down side is that it’s a bit pricy. It costs about N4,500 cost price, so retailers are selling for N5,500 and above. However I think it’s worth it. You can buy this on and  your eco styler HERE.



The smell of this product is wonderful, It was sent to me by their CEO Somi. For a Nigerian owned business the packaging and delivery was top-notch. I got sent two sample sizes and I can’t wait to use it, would definitely give a full review once I try it out. You can purchase this HERE and from @beautifullynappy on Instagram .DSC_0202

3. BRAZEN CURLS SEALING BALM: Same as above. Full review coming soon.DSC_0205

4. VITAMIN E OIL:  I bought this oil because I read an article on its benefits. Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants that improve the circulation of blood to all parts of the body, including the scalp. It conditions your hair from the root to the shaft and ensures healthier growth , also it helps strengthen and smoothen the cuticles of your hair, thereby reducing instances of splitting and breakage. BUY HEREDSC_0209

5. JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL: This is great because it’s a natural product and widely known to treat bald spots and improve blood circulation to the scalp. I’ve been using this for almost 3 years now so this is just a ‘re-stock’. You can purchase JBCO almost anywhere Including Konga and Jumia, read my post on growing back your edges HEREDSC_0207

6. MOTIONS  CONDITIONER : I bought this  while on holiday, I needed something affordable and effective. I left my usual conditioner at home so I went to boots and bought this. I really liked it and it made my hair really soft. The smell is also fantastic. I’m looking forward to try more products from their range.DSC_0213

7. ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR WEAVE SPRAY: I got this for my extensions, I had a weave/wig recently and the weather made it a bit dry. I really liked how it made the hair feel, softer and shiny. The best part is that it’s not oily and doesn’t weigh the weave down.Very good purchase, I bought this at Paks. DSC_0217

8: EYA NATURALS HOT OIL TREATMENT WITH COCONUT OIL: I received this product and the one below for review. I just got them yesterday and I’m excited about trying it out. I checked out their Instagram and the owner has gorgeous hair. It’s a Ghanaian brand and I’m glad more African brands are emerging. I realized they are very affordable, This costs N700 on their website HERE, *change the currency to Naira. .DSC_0286

9. EYA NATURALS LEAVE-IN LOTION WITH SHEA BUTTER & COCONUT OIL:  Same as above. Full review coming soon.DSC_0287

10: WE NATURALS LEAVE-IN WITH HEMP OIL:  I received this from AFribeauty Hub a market place for Africa’s foremost Beauty brands. I used this a few weeks back and it was very thick and moisturising. I used it right after washing my hair and it had a very potent smell. It helped me style my hair easily too. However if you’re not into organic smells this may not be for you. DSC_0304

11: WE NATURALS WHIPPED SHEA HAIR BUTTER: This was really creamy and light. Very easy to apply and it melts right into your palm. I used this to oil my scalp and bring shine to my hair. It’s regular Shea butter and some hemp oil finely whipped. I really liked this as it’s very moisturizing. Buy HEREDSC_0307

12. WE NATURALS COCONUT MILK TWIST AND CURL SOUFFLÉ: I haven’t used this because I’d like to use it when I’m twisting my hair as a protective style. It contains lemon grass so the smell is also rather strong. It feels light and looks like it’d be easy to apply. It costs N2,000 Buy HERE.DSC_0310

13. WE NATURALS HOT OIL TREATMENT: I also haven’t used this but it was among my package from Afribeauty Hub , I know I would definitely use this as it’s ultimately hemp oil. Hemp oil contains many fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial to the health of different parts of the human body, including hair and scalp. It majorly stimulates hair growth, strengthens and moisturizes.  Buy HEREDSC_0305

14. SOFT BRISTLED BRUSH: I always style my bun with a brush. It helps it lay flatter and is less manipulative. My old brush needed retirement so I got a replacement one, which I intend to use for years to come. I got this at Paks but it can be bought at any beauty store.DSC_0226

And that’s all……

Please do let me know if you enjoy posts like this on the blog, this is the year of ‘efficiency’.

If you missed my previous makeup haul do check HERE and for my last natural hair haul check HERE.

HERE is a link to see my 3-year hair journey while  HERE & HERE are posts of my last natural hair update.

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  1. At this rate, Hair products will absolutely take over space from make up products.. Mehn.. Some of these products can be purse wrenching! I’ll definitely try the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie..

  2. Awesome. I have been wondering how to share all the products I bought recently. This is a very easy to read way.

    I kukuma need hair products. I’ll be sure to check out these ones.

  3. The price of hair products have really been affected by the exchange rate…I remember still buying the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie for about N3,000 last year and I have been seriously mincing the product…lol
    I guess the best bet is to look for alternative local products that also give fantastic results


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