img_73961. Cantu Hydrating Cream conditioner for Natural hair: I love love this product! It gives my hair amazing slip and wakes up my curls. It’s very moisturizing too. I use it right after I’m done shampooing and it’s just lovely. I use it to detangle and add my deep conditioner to retain moisture. I leave this product on for a few minutes and rinse it out with cool water. The smell is great and is worth every penny!DSC_2034

2. Curl Care Rehydrating shampoo: This shampoo doesn’t lather as much as I’d like, and neither does it soften my hair, but I think its more of a cleansing shampoo. It’s free of sulfates and parabens and even though I’m not rigid with ingredients I’d use whatever works. When I was done washing, my scalp felt clean and had a tingling feeling. It’s fragrance is some sort of berry and mint.DSC_2050

3. NGT Tea tree anti-dandruff scalp protector: I’ve been using this product for a few days now and I actually like it, it has a menthol feel and is supposed to get rid of scalp flakes while preventing/clearing dandruff. I don’t suffer from dandruff anymore but my scalp gets  itchy, this is why I can’t keep a hairstyle for more than two weeks without washing. I think this product has been helping so far.DSC_2045

4. VO5 Texture rework putty: This is one of those products I have a love and hate relationship with. Some days its just bleh while some days I absolutely love the effect on my hair. I use this for my edges when I’m wearing a Kinky curly wig like in my previous post. For some reason it makes my curls more defined with a light hold so it blends well with the extensions. This is my second container so it must be doing something right.DSC_2039

5. Curl stretch: Oh I’ve been loving this! I bought this from Hair Majesty shop Yaba. I use this as a moisturizer before styling my bun. It helps my hair to be more manageable and it blends well with my other products. It has a watery custard like consistency.DSC_2062

6. Cyndy Crystal Hair Booster: This product is supposed to aid growth, I bought it simply because my friend was raving about it. Apparently its made of herbal roots and is an indigenous product. It also has that menthol effect, but very strong. The smell is so potent and not the most pleasant, but I really like the tingly feeling on my scalp. I apply it nightly every other day.DSC_2067

7. Moco de gorila snot Gel: This is the almighty gel for naturals, its so popular within the natural hair community and I don’t know why I’ve been sleeping on it. I got this from America about a month ago and I’ve been loving it. I use it  to style my bun instead of my eco styler. They produce almost the same results but this one lasts longer with a stronger hold, and a little goes a long way. It has an evo-stik glue consistency and comes in a huge bottle that would probably last me all year.DSC_2052

8. Cantu Co-wash: This product is just like any conditioner but can be used alone without shampoo. It actually removes scalp build up well without stripping the hair dry. Its moisturizing and smells good too. Go Cantu!DSC_2055

So tell me, which of these products have you used? or would you like to try? I’d love to hear from you.



Where to purchase items mentioned:

Products 1,2,3,7,8 can be purchased from Naija Naturals .

Products 5 & 6 can be gotten from Hair majesty beauty store Yaba.





  2. A friend talked me into buying the Cyndy Crystal Hair booster today!Quite affordable but I hope it’s worth the hype.Awaiting the magic……

  3. Have being using Cyndy crystal hair booster with sky hair grow for some month how but I feel no change’s

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