Happy Easter! Hope you’re having fun and enjoying the long weekend.  Today I’d be sharing six beauty products I enjoyed throughout last month! Most of which are new additions.

1. E.L.F MAKEUP MIST AND SET SPRAY :  I bought this spray from my beauty joint haul last year, but I hardly ever use it as you see from the image below….. It’s a product I love but for some reason I abandoned it these past months, until recently. It acts as a setting spray after makeup application. I spray it at arm’s length, it first appears wet then dries up in about 30seconds. It keeps your makeup longer and leaves your skin dewy. I absolutely love it! Gets a 10/10 from me.DSC_1219

2. L.A. GIRL PRO CONCEALERS: Makeup lovers know this so no need to over explain. I bought three shades; Fawn, warm honey and toast. I use this for my brows every time I fill them and it keeps them neat and defined. I hardly contour or highlight so these small concealers tubes would last me a long time. For those in Nigeria you can purchase on Yanga beauty or accessoriesng.comDSC_1218

3. V05 TEXTURISING GUM: I posted this on my Instagram some weeks back. I bought it from Sainsburys in January. Used it once and hated it at first. Apparently I didn’t know how to apply it.  It’s one of those things you buy, throwaway and go back to. I revisited it 3weeks back and it had my hair on check. It makes my curls pop, and is best applied with your finger tips then you brush with a soft boar bristled brush. Naturalistas should try this. It costs about £6. Absolutely worth every pence.DSC_1216

4. RIMMEL MASCARA: I love eye lashes, just something them. This mascara Not as superb as my Lancôme but they are lovely for everyday wear. The formula elongates your lashes and the brush shape & size allows you to reach your lower lashes aswell. No hair is left uncoated. DSC_1214
5. GLAM’S NAIL LACQUER: I went to my aunt’s studio to get my nails done a while back and she suggested I tried this. constant fixing of acrylics make your nails weak. I bought this hardener for N1,200 I.e £5. It’s meant to be applied thrice a week. It strengthens your nail beds and prepares it for the nail fixing process. Works very well!DSC_1222
6. PONDS OIL CONTROL TALC POWDER: This product is straight to the point, and it’s been around for a while. I have some parts of my face that likes to produce oil more than others. E.g my cheeks and above my brows. I really don’t know why…… I’m yet to buy a primer,  so on days when I feel a bit oily and I don’t want to touch up with a Brown powder, I apply this lightly with my powder brush. It makes me look fresh and I don’t look white. I also like the smell, very nice. DSC_1221
These are all my favourite beauty products from March.  Are there any you’ve used amongst them? If yes, share your experiences below and if not tell me which product/s you’ve used, loved and you recommend!
Hope your Easter is going great? I’m coming with another post this evening on how I spent this mini break.
Have an awesome day ahead.

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

P.s. My wall paint is from DuluxNigeria in the colour Raspberry Bellini, it’s very bright and is a cross between orange and pink. The texture is Silk/Satin finish.



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  2. Hi Tosin, thank you so much for all you do here. I wanted to encourage you to consider researching into Talc products in general. You may find something about the product that makes you think twice.

  3. That ELF mist is a oldie but goodie! Im having a problem with that texturising gum. please how do you use it? my hair isn’t natural so maybe thats why its coming out sticky..

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