So as promised here’s a post on this long Easter weekend! It was quite an eventfuLL one. On Easter friday I was home all through, but then I received a delivery from Twelve 03 meals. A huge tray of small chops. The customer service was absolutely efficient. They called me every step of the way and delivered to my mum. It was so much I’m still eating it till today. Worth every Kobo.

Let me wet your appetites ^.^ sorry!

Fast forward to saturday, I had a wedding to attend and also my friend Obum’s birthday party. I attended the wedding with my family friend Esther, It was a very intimate yet fun wedding. I got teary eyed at the father-daughter dance :(…..

Remember the Yellow Daviva Ankara I bought a while ago? that’s what I sewed my dress with. I made a simple off shoulder dress with the fabric.  IMG_3682 From there I went to Lekki for Obum’s birthday. I had a quick outfit change then went to the venue. Her birthday was at Lamba’s seaside bar. It was a nice party with barbecue to munch and drinks to gulp.DSC_1166DSC_1168DSC_1160IMG_4637DSC_1178DSC_1159DSC_1188 Obum’s party was fun and I got to meet new people!

On sunday I went to church, after which I wanted to go for SARO the musical, but something came up so I couldn’t attend. Instead I went for the Lagos grill and barbecue festival. I won a ticket from Chef fregz. It held at Muri Okunola park. Many people attended I saw a few known faces, such as Falz the badguy, BMpro, Toju Foyeh e.t.c. There were also lots of food vendors and I had some Mongolian rice and a smoothie. It got dark and started raining so I left around 6pm.

As I was leaving I saw the awesome SisiYemmie! it was so nice to see her, we would have to sit down properly to have lunch soon, we’d also remember to take pictures to prove or dispel our resemblance tales lol.

Yesterday was Easter monday, and I planned to go for a Pedicure but I caught a flu, been sneezing and all since yesterday, But hopefully nothing to worry about.

That’s how I spent my weekend! I had fun, lots to eat and met lots of people…….hope yours was as eventful too.

It’s Tuesday and we are back to work. Do have a fantastic week ahead.



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5 Comments on “EASTER WEEKEND!”

  1. I remember this ankara from your previous post and saying I need to get this. The dress is lovely. Everyone in Lagos seem to have gone to watch Saro the musical or narrowly missed it, sometimes I wish I could relocate to Lagos you guys have all the fun.

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog, Wordsbykoko.blogspot.com

    Thanks 🙂

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