How you doing? hope all is well and you’re getting geared for the easter celebration? I’m so excited! as I’ve ordered small chops for the weekend and it’s being delivered today. I love small chops! puff puff, spring rolls all those mede mede…..amazing!

Also I have like three events this weekend, and If I attend all three would definitely update you!

P.s don’t forget to vote for me to win the best personal and lifestyle blog in the Nigerian blog awards! It ends today and tomorrow! Follow this LINK to vote. Scroll to number 18, and choose Africanism Cosmopolitan! Thank you!

This video is about Emotional intelligence, as discussed in this POST . Do watch comment and definitely share.

Have a lovely day ahead.

I should come with more posts during the day!

It’s a public holiday today and most people are home! so ensure you catch up with all my posts from the month.



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