1. MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL MASCARA : I bought this mascara from my friend  Dami, she’s a makeup artist and she recommended it. I first had a love-hate relationship with it but over time I’ve grown to love it! It literally takes my lashes from 0-100. I bought it for N800, but online it costs more so I didn’t bother to embed a link.

2. ELF EXPERT LIQUID EYELINER: ELF products are known to be functional and affordable. The brush of this eye liner is really felt and it applies smoothly, its also quite pigmented. I got it for N900 at B-DOW pharmacy in Lekki.

 3. BEAUTY BLENDER : Beauty blenders are a huge fad now, almost every makeup enthusiast has one. I bought my first one from Beauty Joint, see my Video review of that haul HERE, I somehow lost that but recently bought a new one in Ikota shopping complex VGC, surprisingly I got it for N500 and it works perfectly. I found a similar version on Jumia for under N1000 too.

4. DAVIS EYE PENCIL: The almighty Davis Eye Pencil. It costs N100 and if you buy in large markets you can get it for as low as N50. I’ve tried Sleek eye pencils , Tara and the likes but I still find myself going back to this. I use the combination of colour 3 and 18, I’ve been using this brand since 2008 and it’s never failed me.

5: BEAUTY FORMULAS HENNA DEEP CONDITIONER: I bought this product at Game( the Palms lekki) for N980, I tried it and loved it. I even did a mini review on my Instagram and in this post HERE, It’s distributed by paxoonline in Nigeria. The deep conditioner leaves my hair soft and manageable. Love it!

6. PRETTY LIP BALM: I used this off my colleague and really liked the smell, the texture is like vaseline and gelly had a baby. Very nice and keeps your lips supple. I found it online for N620.

7. GLAMS NAIL POLISH: I got this at my aunts makeup studio, I was complaining of my nails chipping and she advised me to get this. It’s been working well and it dries really fast too.

8. L.A GIRL CONCEALER: This is sold for N700 at beauty stores, but I noticed it retails higher online, I wonder why. I’ve seen the three pack version sold for N1500, So I guess the price is fair. L.A girl concealers have knocked most brands off the shelf, its like every ones staple for contouring and highlighting. I recommend it. I bought mine also from my Beauty joint haul.

9. BEYOND BEAUTY LIQUID LIPSTICKS: We all know liquid lipsticks are in vogue. I’ve tried this brand in three shades; the deep Brown, Purple and Nude. I love the finish, the consistency and the fact that it lasts all day. It could be a bit messy if you don’t know how to apply it properly. I advise you have a concealer nearby in order to clean up the edges of your lips upon completion.

10. RDL BABY FACE CLEANSER: My friend Jennifer recommended this product to me, I was first like “uhh” what kind of name is “baby face”, but I trusted her review and bought it. It costs about N700-N900 at most stores, but you can also find it online. I’ve used it for about a month, and oh my! I’ve gone to restock. It keeps my skin soft and I think it clears spots too. My complexion has been more even and I think this products deserves its own full review. I did a further research online and I found out its sold worldwide especially in America for about $5. There’s a wealth of information about it, so I think you should check that out too if you’re interested.

So that’s all for now! Those are my top 10 beauty finds under N1000. So tell me, what are yours? Think and feel free to let me know below!

I’ve also embedded some purchase links in the product name, so feel free to click and buy online.



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7 Comments on “MY TOP 10 BEAUTY PRODUCTS UNDER N1,000”

  1. Please I need your friend, Dami’s contact oh, the cheapest I have bought that mascara is 1800 at house of Tara studio in Ikeja.

  2. I love the mascara, I’ve used it a couple of times and I’ve never regretted it. As for the elf liner I am not a big fan of the pen as it makes it harder for me to draw my eyeliner straight. I do want to try to beauty blender sponge though, I bought one before but it did not work out, maybe it’s because I don’t really know how to use it.
    Princess Audu

  3. I finally got around to buying the BabyFace Cleanser. It’s been just 3 days but the difference is clear. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to transition to natural hair. Last time I retouched was April 5th. Please what are the absolute must have products and routines to help the process.

    Your blog is refreshingly different from other lifestyle blogs. God bless you!

    Azumme Degun

    • Hello! Thanks for commenting☺️ I really appreciate and God bless you too! You Made me morning . For the transition process the two most important routines are detangling and deep conditioning. This is because your hair may matte up more often as this time, so you want to keep it well detangled and probably in some protective style. Also you should deep condition about twice/once a month to keep your hair thick, healthy and shiny. It would encourage growth. Your hair may be different from mine so I advice you try a cocktail of products and see which sits bests especially since you’re still in an early stage. Don’t worry your hair would grow and ensure you ensure every stage xx

  4. I had/have a love-hate relationship with the Maybelline mascara too, it just seemed too big for my small curly lashes but these days I find myself reaching for it the most.
    Oh Davis eye pencil is bae, does the job well and it’s very cheap.
    I love L.A Girl concealer + corrector too.
    I love the E.L.F liquid eye liner, the fine tip helps me do the perfect wing ever.

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