Hello, Today’s post was an impromptu one, I tried filming a video of my bun and found out I lost most of the footage, I was just like urggh! but decided to get on with my day. My  friend Mercy came over and we decided to do lunch after a few errands. Our outfits matched […]

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may 05 | 8pmthe wei zhou museumHello!

If you follow my blog you’d know I’m a proud wiggie! I have about 7 wigs. I’ve been wearing wigs even before it became a trend. I have a mum who is a wig lover so I guess I learnt that from her. About 3 years ago when I first went natural it was difficult for me to be spontaneous with hair-dos.  I felt I was limited to my short coils. It wasn’t long after that I made my first wig. I did it myself, it was wonky but I found a way to rock it regardless.

There is a myth that wigs are for old women and it ages you, so first let me debunk that ^.^  Anything would age you if you don’t find a flattering version of it, from clothes to hair. The key to wearing wigs is to find styles, lengths and colors that suit your complexion and face shape.

For instance my face is oval, hence shoulder length and Layered long hair looks great on me. So I know to invest in bobs/curly hair and long layered styles.

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Hello! How are you and hope you’re well. Today I’d be sharing this simple look I put together. I bought the skirt from one of my sojourns to Lagos Island market. I was really attracted to the color and decided to buy. Got it for a thousand Naira only/£3. I paired it with a sweat […]

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Happy Sunday, Hope your day was great? My weekend was mostly spent indoors. I took out my weave and gave my hair some good T.L.C. I washed, deep conditioned and put it up in a bun as always. 

My outfit today was to church, the dress is an old one I made earlier this year for my friend Mimi’s Wedding (Find out about the fabric, cost and Style details HERE).

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The Naija Naturals Directory, was created to cater to the needs of natural hair and beauty enthusiasts in Nigeria. The Directory is dedicated to listing Businesses & Job Openings within the Nigerian hair Industry nationwide. As a community dedicated to the natural hair care movement in Nigeria, they have accumulated a combined following of over 10,000 Nigerians […]

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Feel Free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. XOXO Tosin

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Whoa! How time flies! I remember my two years anniversary I shared HERE It’s so surreal seeing how growth occurs. I shared a time line on my Instagram yesterday and here it is below! From 2012 when I did the big chop till now.

[caption id="attachment_6761" align="alignnone" width="660"]IMG_3473 A living proof that hair grows with patience!! 🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉HAPPY 3 YEARS NATURAL TO ME! I went to the barber’s shop on October 6th 2012 to cut off all my hair. My parents hated it lol my brothers laughed at me. But I rocked every darn stage with confidence, even though deep down I was a bit uncertain if this choice was for me. I coloured it, Jerry-curled it and did the absolute most….Even with my then sparse edges 😀. But I Inspired my self with natural hair pages, stories and other people on the journey. Here we are 36months after! Better length, texture and of course better brows hehehe🙈. I’m happy and don’t regret the decision to go natural even though it’s a more expensive choice in all honesty. Cheers to another three years to come. 🎉🎊🎊🎉 P.s I’d be accepting freebies, goodie bags and endorsements to celebrate this small but worthy mile stone 🙊🙈💃🏿💃🏽 mail me at I love you 💜#ItsJustHair#NaturalHairJourney @naijanaturals[/caption]

I filmed a video yesterday about a few tips I’ve learnt so far, It should be up later tonight, I get so many questions about this natural hair journey and I try to answer as honest as possible. I even have an entire column on my blog just for hair bants, see HERE.

But for the sake of those who don’t like scrolling through posts, I’ve decided to make this blog post interactive. If you have any question or comment about the natural hair journey please feel free to ask below, I’d be dedicating the rest of the day to answering questions. If you can’t seem to comment, tweet at me @LLynn_J or on instagram @Lynnjaphet I’d certainly respond.

I had the intention of typing a long post but I changed my mind. The ball is in your court! so Ask and I shall revert ASAP.

[caption id="attachment_6756" align="alignnone" width="660"]IMG_3544 2 Absolutely feeling like Mickey LOL[/caption]

Hurray to me!

Cheers to the next phase of the journey!



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Happy weekend, I’m particularly glad this week is over. Can’t wait to unwind and rest as much as I can through the weekend. I also would be publishing a few posts aswell.

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Happy Friday, how did your week go? Hope you’re as excited about the weekend as I am. I’m looking forward to sleep, blogging, fun and more sleep.

Fridays at work are casual/Trad days hence my outfit. I got this material from my friend Phoebe about 2 years ago. She gifted it to me just because ^.^, but I just recently sewed it into a shift-like dress. I asked my tailor to make a button-up casual dress and she did just that. The material was barely Three yards hence the length.

It’s been a struggle taking blog photos lately, but God knows my desires so he gave me a manager at work who doesn’t mind helping me with photos during lunch time.

I was so pleased when I saw the photos, for an amateur he did a good job! Help me thank Mr.Francis LOL

My shoes are from Dorothy Perkins. I’ve always wanted to wear yellow shoes without looking strange, and I’m glad it went quite well with the dress.

And oh yes I’m back to my bun! Thinking of a natural hair update soon…….

Do enjoy the post.

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d really love to hear from you…

Hope you’re doing great? Have a blessed weekend ahead!



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1. ORS CREAMY ALOE SHAMPOO: I’m one to pick shampoo over conditioner any day, simply because shampoo guarantees that all the dirt is lifted off my scalp. I love this product because it’s very moisturising even though it’s a shampoo. it doesn’t leave my hair stringy or dry. The shampoo is creamy and gives the […]

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