Greetings People! 

How are you and how was the weekend? Mine was rather interesting. It started from Thursday when I went to the salon to get my hair done, and also visited the tailor. It was my friend Mimi’s wedding (remember her from her bridal shower, Read here). The chosen asoebi colour was purple, and I had this material I bought from Ajah market. I really don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a chic, slightly stretchy and inexpensive fabric. It comes already lined inside so it works just fine for dresses. I bought 5 yards at N1,500 per yard. I.e N7,500 for the whole lot.  

 My weekend had a rough start, my tailor was being a know-it-all by putting some padding into the dress after I specifically told her I didn’t want any. When I got to her store and tried it on I was disappointed at first. The issue was fixable but it would take time and I needed to wear the dress for Mimi’s traditional wedding the next day. 

I also wasn’t too thrilled about the hair I made, it was jet black and I wasn’t used to that shade against my complexion so I was just ranting to my friends. However, things just have a way of working together even when you least expect. On Friday(event day) I went to pick up my dress two hours to the party. I tried it on and it was Perfect!

 I decided to improvise an old brooch of mine at the mid section of the dress. I was pleased with the final look and the hair I was complaining about turned out complimentary to the entire look.  


The traditional wedding was awesome and my friend Mimi looked divine! Her makeup was done by oshewa beauty  who totally did justice to her face. See photos below.    


The couple had three outfits changes, but I was only able to capture this one on my phone. I was busy dancing away. I met a lot of friends from uni, and a lovely blog reader “oritsegbemi”. She was so pleasant and she introduced herself. Sad we didn’t  take a photo. It was an absolute pleasure. 

I also met my friend from highschool Yejide, it was also lovely seeing her, apparently she’s family friends with the groom. Small world it is. We took a few selfies ^.^.

Yejide and I

  After the event, I went home quickly to pack my luggage. I’m presently in London at the moment, I left Nigeria Saturday night, and I’m going to be here for a wee bit. *covers face*. Whilst I’m here I’d try to push out a few videos and blog posts. 

*Shout out to Ekene of the KinkandI Blog I met her at the airport last night, it was also a pleasure.*

I’d be spending my birthday here but it’s not an  excuse not to post me gifts or keep my cake LOL. I’d be back in Nigeria for you. 

Right now I just woke up from a long nap. Which I should be going back to as soon as this is published. 

I love you all and have an awesome week ahead! 


P.s happy Father’s Day to all awesome dads out there. You are loved!  

my dad and I

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below. 



7 Comments on “THE WEEKEND + TOUCH DOWN”

  1. Have a fun time! I live close by but I’ve never been to Ajah market. Markets in general just scare me – they’re just too big. I like my things in a small controlled space :p The dress came out very pretty though – the hair as well.

  2. Congrats to Mimi! Such a beautiful bride!
    You look divine! I’m glad it all worked out! And that brooch addition? Clever!!! It Added a nice pizzazz to your outfit!


  3. Hmm, your improvise always turns out superb! You look absolutely fabulous in the outfit, the hair compliments the style and collar bone nicely🙌. Oh well, you can also dispatch birthday goodies to us😍😘Happy birthday in advance. Xx


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