Hope your week started off well, I had an eventful weekend as usual. It was my friend Mimi’s bridal shower. If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen pictures/video snippets of the event (also attached at the base of this post).

We (friends of the bride) have been planning this shower since April and it brought so much joy to my heart that all went well. The entire event was a complete surprise to the bride.

We hired a limousine to take all the girls to her house and pick her up to the venue. She was pleasantly shocked. Her Fiancé had told her to get dressed for an event at church but unknowing to her it was her bridal shower.

She changed into a party dress and we gave her the props before whisking her away to the venue at V.I. It was a lounge setting and the decor was angel themed.


I had totally forgotten I had my camera in my car at the start of the event but I got some pictures with my phone and camera later on.

It was super fun. We played games like

– How well do you know the bride i.e. 15 questions about Mimi.

– And a game called A-Z of weddings. e.g. A: Asoebi B: Bride C: cake all the way to Z.  I won that game, the only alphabet I didn’t know pertaining to a wedding was ‘X’. I received a nail file and buffer for my win. DSC_0613

All together we were about 15 girls. All dressed in white with Glitter halos and Wands. The bride wore a pink dress.

The event planner/MC hired for the shower was also fun, her name is MOE, she taught us a lot, bedroom tips e.t.c…. which I can’t really share here *covers face*.

Anyway there were lots to eat! Candy, desserts, rice , small chops, protein platters and more. We danced the night away.

At the end of the night we gifted the bride a lingerie set and books from the group as a whole. It was worth all the months of planning. DSC_0600




Hope your weekend was awesome,

I’m so excited about this coming week, lots of activities……

feel free to drop comments or ask questions, I’d love to hear from you…



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