I’m so excited about this month like I am every year…..It’s my birthday month. “Shout-out to all June Babies”

My last birthday was awesome! read about it HERE. It was weekend long(Thursday-Sunday). However this one would fall on a Friday and I’m glad I’d get to spend it with my loved ones. I don’t intend to do anything grand, but I’m planning to have a dinner with a few friends. Anyway since its exactly 10 days away, I thought to share my wish list.

1. BLACK LEATHER WATCH:  My current black strap watch has given up, but I’ve rocked it to the finish(bad habit). This particular one in this collage is from Triwa. The midnight lansen chrono watch. I totally love the simplicity and detail inside. It costs quite a bit, but I feel it’s worth every penny.

2. AMOUGE GOLD PERFUME: I’m a huge perfume lover, and for some reason I like masculine scents, most of my perfumes are pour homme. However this perfume is a winner even though feminine. I currently wear Gucci premiere, it costs half the price but still smells awesome. I consider Amouge purely luxury, but luxury doesn’t hurt *huge grin*.

3. THE RUNAWAY BRIDE: BOOK BY HEATHER LINDSEY: I have all Heather Lindseys books except this new release. I have read excerpts of this book and I think it would be a great read. I intend to buy this in two copies and give one away. But If I get it as a birthday gift I’d give away two copies. Although I noticed only the kindle version is available in the U.K. Anyone in the U.S can be a darling and post it to my U.K/Nigeria Address. I’d be so grateful.

4. NIKON 50MM F/1.8G LENS: I had this on my christmas wish list (see HERE) and I sincerely have just been doing ‘alaroro’ in purchasing this. Over christmas I had a budget on splurges, and I bought my phone, tripod and tablet over the Lens . However it would be nice to finally have this. Lets take blog photos to a new level!

5. BICYCLE: I actually love riding bikes, back in uni I had one to use. My flat-mate had one and I found riding so therapeutic. I’m thinking of getting one soon but not sure how functional it’d be for my Lagos life.

6. RUNNING SHOES: This is a must have, I have no proper gym shoes. I used to be an athlete growing up, in fact I come from a quite athletic home. Both my siblings are into sports. I love running and would like to pick that up back. The one in this collage is the Nike Airmax for women.

And that’s all! However, all gestures are welcome. I’m quite sentimental when it comes to presents, so anything thoughtful would put a huge smile on my face.

Shout out to my blog readers turned friends: Esther, Nike and Hannah who have all sent me presents without ever meeting me in person. I love you all, Thank you.

Have an awesome, fun and productive week ahead.



11 Comments on “BIRTHDAY WISH LIST: 10 DAYS AWAY!”

  1. Heeey Tosin, It’s nice to know you are June Born, becauuuuse I am too, my birthday is 3 days away and i’d like a birthday shout out from you 🙂 I hope u honour my wish. Happy Birthday in Advance n nice work on the Blog you inspire me.



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