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Christmas is just around the corner! and I’m big on festivities. This christmas I won’t be spending it alone like I did last year so I’m excited! My baby brother is coming over, so expectposts/videos from us… he’s a character!  Anyway this year, there are a few things I want for christmas, some of which I’ve been saving for…

* A NEW TRIPOD: My old tripod did the job,  and I had no problems with it, till it broke last week (entirely a result of my carelessness)..I almost cried lol. So I need to get a new one. Would buy a stronger one this time.

* 50mm LENS: I currently use an 18mm-50mm range lens, but I feel a focus lens would be better for personal shots. I have had this on my to-buy list for a while now. So Its imperative I buy it once and for all.

* A NEW PHONE: My current Iphone has served me for 2years without problems, but lately the battery life has been awful. I tried to change it at the Apple store and they said £70, I walked away and bought a mobile charger (Alaroro behaviour). Now that the battery life has gone from 7hours to 30mins lol I certainly need a new phone. Plus I quite like the new Iphone so I may indulge.

* SAMSUNG TABLET: I’m an Apple girl but I don’t see the point in owning a M.A.C, IPhone and an IPad, hence I feel a Samsung tab is appropriate. It’s more compatible to other devices and user-friendly. I run a few social media accounts and I feel its more convienent running them on a tablet in comparison to a phone (It’s too much work load on a mobile phone).

* HAIR STEAMER: As a naturalista this is a great investment. It’s used for deep conditioning treatments. The steam helps to lift the hair cuticles and allows products absorb faster. Hair steaming promotes hair growth, adds moisture, removes dead skin, dirt and leaves hair stronger, smoother, softer and overall healthier.

*SOPHIA WEBSTER SHOES: Remember these shoes I shared in this O.O.T.D . I really like them but still contemplating. I’m not sure it’s wise to use my well-earned personal income on a £380 shoe at this stage in my life lol , but if I get them as a gift! I would rock them well ^.^

What do you want for christmas? I may be doing a giveaway this christmas to one special reader! So feel free to let me know what you want below !

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

Hope your week is going great! Don’t forget to catch me tonight on Ebony life TV Channel 165 on the blog it segment! 5:30 pm CAT central African time. With reruns at 8:30pm, 11:30pm and 11:30am tomorrow!



    • I have seen your dresses and they are really nice. I would not mind having a nice dress, I am a size 14. Thanks

  1. Hmmm..For me o all i want for christmas is lynn’s wig, eko makeup eyeshadow palette and the lashes. Why because i have always admired them. Thanks in anticipation sis.

  2. Hey Tosin! Awesome blog!
    I have bn following your posts and achievement from backstage, and you are doing awesome.
    On that note, lol! I’d like to say what I want for Christmas. I want a really good camera. I plan to start an inspirational series next month (by God’s grace) and it’d be nice to video it from a real camera, than my laptop 😀
    Maybe just maybe, I might be the one to get the giveaway. 😀
    Debbie Motilewa


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