Hello! Yesterday I was a year older (June 26th), it was one of my best birthdays ever. I didn’t even take pictures amidst all the celebrations(left my SD card at home). I went to church and had lunch with my brother, a family friend and three of my close friends. It was a very intimate […]

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Hello!, Yesterday was my birthday, and it was lovely! It started out rather exciting then Blue then awesome. I got surprised at 12 midnight with some gifts and that was so lovely. During the course of the day I started sulking that my parents, Brothers and other friends were not here with me. I decided […]

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 Hello! I’m so excited about this month like I am every year…..It’s my birthday month. “Shout-out to all June Babies” My last birthday was awesome! read about it HERE. It was weekend long(Thursday-Sunday). However this one would fall on a Friday and I’m glad I’d get to spend it with my loved ones. I don’t […]

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IMG_6983Do you remember Kemi? My first ever blog bride from this post? Well, today is her birthday! you all know I love kemi, She is a sister and true friend! It’s only befitting that I share her birthday with you wonderful people. She deserves more than a dedicated blog post but also a huge cake, prayers and a basket of kisses.

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IMG_3946Hello all,

So it seems almost everyone was born in October with all the birthday celebrations going on around me. Last night was my friend Roseline’s birthday, I think i’ve mentioned her in one or two posts on the blog. Last night was lovely, we went to a hotel restaurant to have dinner then headed out to a bar after. I also met new people which is always nice, and got to meet more Africans in my age group, I wonder where they’ve been hiding through out the year lol. Food was good, music was good , and for a tuesday night the turnup was great . Everyone had a blast. I wore a Jumpsuit which I would put up details in the next post. Below are pictures from the

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img_2513Hello beautiful people!

Yesterday was just awesome! Yes it was my birthday ^.^, many thanks to all those who called, emailed, prayed, sent surprise gifts, tweeted, ‘instagrammed’ and’ facebooked’ me! The way God will surprise and honour you as you have brought Joy to me, you won’t be able to comprehend it. Thank you!!

I’ve never really celebrated my

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