IMG_3946Hello all,

So it seems almost everyone was born in October with all the birthday celebrations going on around me. Last night was my friend Roseline’s birthday, I think i’ve mentioned her in one or two posts on the blog. Last night was lovely, we went to a hotel restaurant to have dinner then headed out to a bar after. I also met new people which is always nice, and got to meet more Africans in my age group, I wonder where they’ve been hiding through out the year lol. Food was good, music was good , and for a tuesday night the turnup was great . Everyone had a blast. I wore a Jumpsuit which I would put up details in the next post.  Below are pictures from the event! do enjoy.

Me leaving home: Iphone picture quality could be horrible

Roseline wore this beautiful Dress from AQAQDSC_0351DSC_0413DSC_0397DSC_0360DSC_0362DSC_0461DSC_0439DSC_0420DSC_0517

DSC_0423DSC_0444DSC_0468DSC_0474DSC_0508DSC_0521DSC_0518DSC_0535DSC_0543DSC_0370DSC_0530DSC_0526DSC_0500DSC_0425The night was fun, there are videos and more pictures but I didn’t want the post to be too long…. But seems you guys enjoy event post’, so I would keep uploading posts like this.

Sure your week is going great!



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