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Over the years I’ve developed personal relationships with some of my blog readers, and the first was Kemi. Kemi is such a sweet and pleasant lady, every time I put up a post, she’s swift to drop a comment and give feedback, she’s been a reader since when I blogged with my phone and crappy pictures lol. Kemi got married last month and I wish I was in Nigeria, I would have attended with full force. However her wedding was just beautiful. from her natural hair to her choice of dress, lovely lovely! oh yes and her gunman pose above! baddest!.

I’m going to divide this post into sections: i.e the couple’s story, dress and makeup, hair and bridal party.

Brief intro to the couple: Kemi met her now husband  at a cyber cafe in  2007 and have been together for 6 and half years before they got married. (it would be 7yrs in November). I asked her how she knew he was the one, and in her words she said “Truthfully, I never knew he was the one as I felt I was lonely at the time we met, so initially I just went with the flow. Although, my past experiences with men and experiences of others(sisters,aunties,friends etc) has not been the best, so I assumed he was the same. But over the years he has proved my notion wrong and he keeps at it by the day…”


Her hair: Kemi contacted me some weeks before her wedding and asked me to help her get a wig that blended with her natural hair, I had worn one sometime back and she liked it, she sent me pictures of the style she was trying to achieve, but I could not get the hair to her in Nigeria on time. Afterwards she opted to go for another style.

I asked her what inspired her to rock this natural look: and heres what she said “What inspired my hair is the simple fact that my hair is natural as inspired by the delectable Tosin Alabi of Africanism Cosmopolitan (I blush ^.^ lol ) and just wanted something different.  Arinola (her wedding planner) is also a natural so she understood why i wanted that. She introduced me to Kemi Lewis who is a natural hair stylist in dolphin estate, ikoyi. After a couple of meetings and phone calls,we decided to do the faux dreadlocks. I think I am the first client that she would make that for  but i can tell you for a fact that after my wedding she has been doing it a lot for other ladies. It protects the hair,aids growth and its easy to style”.

223A4412 223A0341

Her long dress story! Kemi told me how she got her dress, she said months before the wedding she started window shopping online, stalking bellanaija, Instagram and following a lot of bridal designers lol. She even met with  Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah when he came to Nigeria for the wed expo, they met at the expo and invited her and her husband (then fiancé) to a dinner in maryland,Lagos. They spoke about the dress and kept exchanging emails but she couldn’t engage his services because of the huge tag that accompanied it, hence she moved on and beefed up her search.

She again started talking to a phillipian bridal designer named Veejay Floresca about her ideal dress ,lots of emails were exchanged,in fact contract has been signed but something came up again and she couldn’t make her dress with him. she said “Despite it all, he is someone I am looking forward to indulging in his designs as he was so patient with me and understood my stands.
Her quest was to look for a conservative dress as she didn’t want to expose her body. Also she has a lot of teens in her local church and family looking up to her. she said “I  needed a dress that will put all that into play and tell a story of who i really am. i.e  Fashionably conservative. She didn’t have a dress even 4months to the wedding but kept on searching with her wedding planner and chief bridesmaid (Titilope Animashaun). They finally went to ‘brides and more’ on allen avenue,ikeja, and looking through a bunch of catalogues ,voila she saw this dress.  Her dress was inspired by Alfred Angelo’s modern vintage collection as seen below and 2months later, it was made80e9fbbb-8f68-4b3d-b779-50247042d14f.enlargedNormal


 223A4306 223A4423
 223A3699 223A3196
223A3545 223A4131
223A4611 223A4626 223A4782
223A0398 223A0460 223A0630
My peachyKemog as I like to call her was indeed a stunning bride! I asked her what the best thing about being married is, she said ” I get to spend unlimited time with my best friend and companion. Also being able to establish a new home according to God’s purpose and will”
I’m so excited about her marriage, you’d think we were sisters. she was kind enough to send me all the pictures and answered all my questions. kemi is truly a sweetheart, I pray God makes her the best wife ever, and blesses her home with his goodness and love.
Now  I want all your thoughts, tell me what you loved, and if you can relate with anything! kindly drop a comment below, I pray to celebrate more blog readers by his grace…
Sure your weekend was great, (mine was ^.^)(full post sunday night, in dear diary)
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 P.s. (please do not republish these photos without the consent of the couple as they are personal photos)
Her vendors:
Wedding Planning & Event Coordination – Savvy Events (08090962030. Instagram @savvyevents)
Makeup – Tinuke ( Crayolamakeovers- 08023228575. Instagram @crayolamakeovers)
Wedding dress- Brides & More (Allen Avenue,ikeja. BB Pin – 7A1A8936)
Reception dress – Nouva Couture (08177921990,07037921990. Instagram @nouvacouture)
Bridesmaids dresses – Peridot & Ruby (07032423769instagram @peridotandruby)
Beads was by geebalo ( 08093510759 instagram is @geebalo)
Photography by Abi


  1. She looks beautiful. Everything about her is unique, from the hair to the dress. Congrats on your wedding!

  2. I ve reli been a fan of urs from the very start, ‘n dis post made me feel bad as dis ‘s my first post.#sadmuch

  3. Amazing! Kemi is my bestfriend and u Cldnt describe her any better. She is really and amazing person.
    Tosin u r a beautiful writer. From now on I will always read u blog.

  4. Awww…my darling Kemi!!! I was a happy CBM and the wedding was so much fun. Kemi is AMAZING

    @ Tosin, you just gained a new reader

  5. Kemi,hmmm my wonderful and loving baby sis. U described her just d way she is. I call her and her hubby(coke and fanta). Wouldn’t want any other but my sweetheart(yomi) for her. May all d blessings attached to marriage b theirs ijn.AMEN

  6. Awww Tosin, your words move me. You are the real deal believe me. We appreciate this a lot and we say thank you to all the prayers from peoples comment. Thank u


  8. Haha I loved the gunman pose! This definitely is the first bride I’ve seen striking that pose! I like everything about her wedding! God bless her home. I’m a faithful reader and subscriber 😀 . Tosin you’ll celebrate me soon on your blog 😀 amen!

  9. Tosin!!. Been stuck reading ur Blog and watching your Vlogs since I woke up this morning (some1 told me about it). Its amazing, and you are doing rili good!. I honestly think you should ‘abandon’ Accounting n School and delve right into Presenting Shows and straight into Media cuz you are GREAT @ it. Just had to drop a comment


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