Remember that I said in my birthday wish list that I wanted the new Heather Lindsey book, well I got it. Best part is I got 3 copies!

I bought two myself, one to read then the other to giveaway. Then my lovely friend Roseline coincidentally bought me another copy. I picked up the ones I bought today from the post office, and it’s ready to be given away.

Now the Rules are simple!

1. Comment under this post with your name, email and Instagram handle telling us “What Heather Lindsey is mostly known for”  #Tip : marital journey testimony .

2. Repost this image (at the foremost top of this post) on instagram and tag me @Lynnjaphet , with the hashtag #Africanismcosmopolitan Commenting why you’d like to win. OR

3. If you don’t use instagram simply comment below why you’d like to win AND answer question 1.

NOTE: Either ways you’d need to comment below.

Good Luck!





  1. My name is Boluwatife Adekoya; email: rachel.adekoya@gmail.com. I’d like to win because I’ve been wanting to read her one of her books for so long especially after hearing her testimony and following her. I think she’s well known for her passion for women to honour God (especially with our bodies) and be unashamed about it!

  2. Heather Lindsey is mostly known for speaking on purity and honoring God with our bodies (which is the main foundation on which pinky promise is built). I would love to win because Ive never read any of Heather Lindsey’s books and I’m certain The Runaway bride is going to be a major blessing to me and to the people I’m going to share it with

  3. Too bad am in Kenya.. I’ve always loved Heather Lindsey tho, her testimony is amazing and she blesses me all the time. I will get myself a copy definitely.. ☺☺☺

  4. Aww. Nice Giveaway Tosin. Whoever wins is in for a treat. I couldn’t drop the book when i started reading. All the best girlies!! Your life will never remain the same!

  5. I’d like to have the book cos I’ve never read any of her books, the hype alone has hightened my curiosity to find out wat d book has to offer

  6. Name: Wunmi Kayode
    Email: Wunmi.kayode@gmail.com
    Heather talks about total obedience to God, purity, maintaining healthy relationships, healthy eating(vegetarian).
    I would like to win cuz I’m yet to read any of her books and I read her write ups on insta, her blog and watch her YouTube videos.

  7. Heather Lindsey promotes honoring God with your life & body whether single or married & is mostly known for how she has lived a life of purity before and after marriage. I’d Iove to win because she’s a huge source of inspiration to me and I’ve never read any of her books and would love love love to read one.

  8. Heather Lindsey is mostly known for her decision to wait until marriage before kissing her husband
    I love to win cuz Heather has recently been a huge part of my spiritual journey and i am currently readn her other books. so i wld love to also read dis one.

  9. Name: Oluwaseyi Aderinboye
    Email address :seyiade24@gmail.com
    Heather Lindsey is mostly known for speaking boldly about sexual purity in relationships which she practiced prior to her marriage. She’s just not about abstaining from sex before marriage , but also from any form of intimacy such as kissing and cuddling (she kissed her husband for the first time on their wedding day) . She’s also an advocate of submission for women in marriages, healthy eating and living.

    I would love to win this book because I am a huge fan of Heather, she’s such a force to be reckoned with in this generation. I always look forward to reading from her. She’s always a blessing.

  10. Name: Tolulope Olagunju
    Email: tolagunju94@gmail.com
    Lindsey is famous for her teaching of the word and guidance in continually seeking God and putting him above all things even in marriage. Knowing your duty as a wife is to love and serve God and love your husband. She’s been hosting pinky promise movement.

    I would like to win this because each day I have something to relate with on her posts, her inspirational words of wisdom . And having to read her book would shed more light in understanding the message she’s passing across to our generation and build up more women of valor.

  11. Heather Lindsey is known for giving both marital and relationship advice to young Christians and youths.
    I’d really love to win this book because I’ve read the reviews and it’s definitely a must-read and must-share with a friend.


    • Ibiyemi Adewakun

      I think Heather Lindsey’s marital testimony is not kissing her husband till they were married especially after being sexually active in all her relationships prior to her husband.
      I’d really love to win this book because I hadn’t heard of her or read any of her books till I saw this post, so I looked her up, went through some of her posts and it really inspired me plus I love to read! 🙂 xo

  12. Wait o! I’ve just gone thru some comments and deduced she’s an advocate of not kissing ur husband till u get married! Jeez, Wat kinda man exactly did she marry, her courtship must’ve occurred in d church, dis is beginning to get really interesting, I really nid to read dis book, do we hav guys on dis blog, no be only me go hear dis one.

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