Happy Sunday, Hope your day was great? My weekend was mostly spent indoors. I took out my weave and gave my hair some good T.L.C. I washed, deep conditioned and put it up in a bun as always. 

My outfit today was to church, the dress is an old one I made earlier this year for my friend Mimi’s Wedding (Find out about the fabric, cost and Style details HERE).

I have this bad habit of forgetting I have lots of gowns from weddings and other Aso-ebi oriented events. I decided to bring this one out, and it felt like I had never worn it before.

I paired it with silver accessories; earrings, brooch and a purse.

I wear heels almost every Sunday but today was an exception. I just couldn’t be bothered. I wore my silver slippers instead and it still looked great.

My lovely friend Wura took these photos……IMG_0006


I’m so excited that Christmas is near, I can’t wait for all the festivities, food and love! 

Do have a productive week ahead.

Don’t forget to drop a comment, I’d really love to hear from you. 



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