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Remember I started a blog series where I share useful tips and information for fellow bloggers. Check my previous posts HERE. Today, I’d be discussing gadgets and devices that have made my blogging life easier. All are affordable and I’ve added direct links for purchase.

1. Chromecast: This acts like a transmitter from your laptop to other screens. A traditional form of this is an HDMI cable. I bought this from Currys but hardly use it since I’m in Nigeria, however it’s so useful when I’m abroad with efficient and cheaper internet services. It’s very handy  if you spend lots of time streaming videos and working online. BUY THE NEWER MODEL <a style="color: #000000;"

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Hello! How are you and hope you’re well. Today I’d be sharing this simple look I put together. I bought the skirt from one of my sojourns to Lagos Island market. I was really attracted to the color and decided to buy. Got it for a thousand Naira only/£3. I paired it with a sweat […]

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Happy Sunday, Hope your day was great? My weekend was mostly spent indoors. I took out my weave and gave my hair some good T.L.C. I washed, deep conditioned and put it up in a bun as always. 

My outfit today was to church, the dress is an old one I made earlier this year for my friend Mimi’s Wedding (Find out about the fabric, cost and Style details HERE).

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