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  Greetings People!  How are you and how was the weekend? Mine was rather interesting. It started from Thursday when I went to the salon to get my hair done, and also visited the tailor. It was my friend Mimi’s wedding (remember her from her bridal shower, Read here). The chosen asoebi colour was purple, and […]

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I’m excited! can you tell? lol Thank you all for nominating me in the last few months! I was super pleased this morning when I got the mail saying I’ve been nominated for the best personal or lifestyle blog.

I’d be honoured if I won. So please do help me win by voting. The polls are open and ends in two weeks so I’d appreciate all campaigns, reposts and votes ^.^

Thank you so much for the support so far. I’m very grateful!

You can vote HERE. Scroll down to number 18 and choose the first option: Africanism cosmopolitan.

If I win we’d all share the reward ^.^



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black_background_woodce-t2Hello beautiful people!
I’m back! and with a bang!

I have lots of posts to publish, so this blog will be on a roll! All segments are back, from Logos corner, get ready with me, outfit posts, recipes, reviews etc. I’m also adding new segments to the blog, one of which is “Ask Tosin”. I get lots of mails weekly on various issues from clothing stores, to beauty, spirituality and even career. Hence I’ve decided to make it an official part of the blog. (You can mail me at I’d respond ASAP).

However, if I feel some questions are repetitive or may be beneficial to many, I’d publish them as FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) But if you’d like to stay anonymous or confidential I would certainly respect your wish.

I’m really excited about this time in my life , so much goodnews and activities which day by day I’d be unveiling to you all.
Thank you again for the support.

P.s. Don’t forget to share and add my blog to your bookmark to avoid typing my long blog name lol.

Speak soon! (Later today)

Read my testimony here

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  “All things are permissible,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are permissible,” but not all things build up” Corinthians 10:23 Hello all, welcome to this week’s logos corner. Time runs by so fast, I still remember last week friday, editing and uploading the logos corner for the week and now another weekend […]

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Hello, I came across this video and decided to share, it depicts our human reasoning and how we  sometimes forget how God sees us. Its such a powerful message and I pray you are truly blessed by it. Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below. Missed my last post? Read Here xoxo […]

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Dear Diary : Half of the day

Hi, Today I woke up on the brightest side of my bed, although last night I was a bit overwhelmed because I was so occupied and I’d been working on so many projects at the same time, from 3 academic reports to 2 personal business pursuits. But as I was about to sleep, a Joyce […]

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Hello guys, Hope you’ve all been well and great, Lately I realised its quite easy for anyone to get moody or depressed, and staying Joyful can be a task… I decided to share some tips that I apply daily in my life with anyone who may be feeling down or not in the best of […]

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Hello, Happy new year guys! Sorry this post is coming late. I appreciate you all so much, many thanks to every one who reads my blog, comments and refers someone to read. I’m highly grateful.  This is a video about how awesome you guys are and 5tips I think you should know as we embark […]

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