Dear Diary : Half of the day


Today I woke up on the brightest side of my bed, although last night I was a bit overwhelmed because I was so occupied and I’d been working on so many projects at the same time, from 3 academic reports to 2 personal business pursuits. But as I was about to sleep, a Joyce Meyer quote popped in my head Live today like you know its going to be the best day of your life”. I shut my eyes and slept.

This morning I woke up a bit giddy, but as soon as I laid my feet on  the ground I felt this peace and joy I really can’t explain , and the quote just kept replaying itself in my head. I dressed up and realised I was running late for my 9:30am strategy class where I ought to give a presentation.

I didn’t rush, I took my time and dressed up, wore my make up and asked for God’s favour throughout the day. I got to the hall 30minutes late, but I wasn’t worried.  Time for my presentation, the flash drive refused to work, but my colleagues found a way of sorting it out.

I delivered the presentation with ease and all the finesse I could gather, and hoped I communicated my ideas perfectly. The audience had lots of questions and they tried to tackle God’s intelligence. But as faithful as he is, He didn’t let me down, from the way I handled the questions, to my choice of words, it was simply God. My audience not only acknowledged by nodding, smiles and a round of applause, The professor also called my counterpart and I aside and commended the mode of delivery and how viable our idea was.

A few minutes later, I got the results of my “Turnitin” check for plagiarism on another academic essay I worked on, due for submission tomorrow and it was only “2% similarity” and they were well referenced.(Those who have used/use this software know that’s amazing news). I also received an email from a professor about the word limit of another academic report, in which we were allowed just 10% increase on the 4,000word report, but by the time I was done, I had exceeded to about 4,800. I tried to cut and paraphrase but I felt the points were relevant so I stopped and emailed him. He replied and said it was permissible I should proceed to submit.(God’s favour).

Concerning my business pursuits I can’t wait to share the good news with you all in due time, because slowly but surely all my dreams are becoming a reality.

Dear diary, Its barely 1pm and all this goodness has happened. I’m thankful for these testimonies that some may call little, but I include God in every area of my life from my skin care to life goals, because I understand that what we term “our biggest problem/concern” is little to God, so why not enjoy his faithfulness in every area of our lives.

Dear diary is a new segment on the blog, where I share moments and situations in my life where God has been faithful, I hope you enjoy and stay encouraged. God is indeed faithful even when we are undeserving, draw near to him.

Deuteronomy 32:4
He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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P.S. Today marks two years of blogging ^.^ Thank you all for your support and kind words…..



19 Comments on “Dear Diary : Half of the day”

  1. Dear Diary : I’m grate ful to God for all the favour he continues to show forth in Tosin’s life, We can only say thank you Jesus. It’s now 4pm and God has been so mighty on our behalf. His Grace is indeed sufficient.I say congratulations to Tosin for marking 2yrs on the blog-sphere today. God will increase her and guide her in giving more lives a meaning through her endeavors in Jesus Name.
    Thank you dear and see you on the nest diary session……kisses

    • Hannah, Thank you so much for your comment, you’re such an awesome person, your comment just made me realise how thoughtful you are, I’m so happy to have met you, I can’t wait to have a physical sit down chat with you, Thank you again , may God almighty increase your understanding and grant you all your heart desires. xx

      • Awwww, I’m happy to hear this…you actually just touched my heart, had a tear fall from my eye. I’m really happy to have met you ooh, u have no idea. God will increase you mightily and in this year of Greatness, the Lord himself will Magnify you, this very day, no wonder your testimony, you are living out Joshua 3:7, pls read it to knw wat I’m talking about… you darling

  2. God is indeed Faithful. Congrats on your two years blog-sphere, I pray that the Good Lord continue to sustain you for us and may he continue to do more great things in your Life.

  3. Happy 2 years anniversary, d best is yet 2 come.
    Thanks a lot 4 sharing u realy have inspired me, wrote an exams dis morning and wasn’t 2 happy about it but now I have every reason 2 smile.
    Love u big.

  4. Happy anniversary I’ve changed my blog so many times I don’t even know the exact date anymore *sigh
    Thanks for sharing your testimony. I pray God’s faithfulness will never elude you. Amen

  5. Congrats dear!and may God continue to use you to impact lives like you have impacted mine without even knowing.God bless you sisturr!!😚😚


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