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It’s quite a chore filming in Nigeria lol, If it’s not generator noise its the Aircondition in the background, but nothing shall spoil my productivity for the day, This is a video for my youtube hunnies, on Life update in Nigeria. do watch, share, comment and subscribe ^.^

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(Choose 1080hd on the settings tab at the base of the video)


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Dear Diary, I woke this morning a little distorted because I got a ‘not too pleasant’ message from a business partner which left me quite worried, and being the emotional person that I am, I got a little teary eyed and uneasy. After a few moments of racking my brain to proffer an instant solution, […]

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DEAR DIARY: Self reflection


I just paid for a journal online, which is unlike me to buy anything stationary, but lately I’ve been having an urge in my spirit to document things more frequently. I sometimes think I’m super woman who can store everything in my head, only to find myself forgetting important details.

At the beginning of the year I started writing out daily thoughts but lack of consistency deterred that, and the book I was using wasn’t in anyway motivating.

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Dear Diary : Half of the day

Hi, Today I woke up on the brightest side of my bed, although last night I was a bit overwhelmed because I was so occupied and I’d been working on so many projects at the same time, from 3 academic reports to 2 personal business pursuits. But as I was about to sleep, a Joyce […]

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