Dear Diary,

I woke this morning a little distorted because I got a ‘not too pleasant’ message from a business partner which left me quite worried, and being the emotional person that I am, I got a little teary eyed and uneasy. After a few moments of racking my brain to proffer an instant solution, (forgetting that everything happens for a reason and God orchestrates every single thing at his will), I then casually remembered the scripture which says ;

Therefore I tell you, Do not worry about your life”  See Matthew 6:25

I kept telling myself this in my heart until I believed it. It took a few minutes (almost an hour), till I came to the realisation that God is greater than every situation. Besides, he has not given me the spirit of Fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I dressed up, wore some makeup, went out and ate some good Chicken with Fries for lunch. I’m having an amazing day thus far.

Daily, I’m learning the importance of feeding yourself with the word of God, because truly the word of God is alive and active. It edifies, it soothes, it corrects and it instructs. The word of God is indeed God.

Writing this makes it even clearer to me that we are a product of what we feed our minds on, what we say and what we profess.  Moments when I don’t feel at my optimum,  I may go into my bathroom to clear my head and looking at the post-it notes I taped to the mirror makes me feel almost instantly better. they have the words,

I am Humble

I am God fearing

I am above sin

I am a giver

I am successful

I am intelligent

I am beautiful.

It may seem cliche or you the might say the  importance of affirmations are over emphasised, but truly whatever you believe works for you. I say these things to my self every other morning and I see my life following suit.

There are many ways you can apply the concept of affirmations in your life, and I would give you a few examples.

-You can literally profess scriptures to any situation you find yourself in.

-You can write out what you want to see as a reality in your life and begin to tell your self daily, or

-You can use the alarm system. I downloaded a podcast of Lanre Olushola some months back called the ‘Virtuous Woman”, its a 2minute long affirmation audio track, it has lines like “ I am fearless, I am innovative, my mind is alert” etc. So  I  set this as my daily alarm, and everyday by 6:30am I wake up just hearing that,  already partially setting the mood for the day.

The little seeds we sow in our lives, when watered with the right perspective germinates into the right life, yielding many positive fruits.

I hope your day is going perfectly well, and if not, Cheer up because you are certain God cares for you, he knows all your worries and his timing is always perfect.

DSC_0327 DSC_0328

P.s  If you notice I’ve been blogging quite often, and that’s because I had my last paper for the year on Tuesday,  and It felt super good! although I  have my dissertation to start in a few months  I can’t wait to wrap up this postgrad! I’m so grateful to God for helping me so far this year, bringing lots of opportunities and placing so many wonderful people in my life. I have watched myself grow these past months and everyday I just say ‘Thank you Jesus’, not because I’m deserving or because I’m diligent but because his mercy and grace are ever sufficient.  Also in a few months I would do a post on Time management, developing your vision and all you can achieve in a year,  if you dedicate your time to being better everyday. 

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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  1. Glad you were able to go through the day happy. See ehn when I say God is always using You to talk to me, I aint joking. I totally agree with you 100%. Ever since I started reading your blog I have tried growing spirirtually because I see what the Lord has been doing for you and Is still doing for you.

  2. Really great post. We all have these days and It’s important not to let ourselves drown in them.
    Just wanted you to know that some of us your readers are Muslims but yet you manage to speak to us and inspire us too, that’s certainly something for you to be chuffed about 🙂

    • awww, thank you so much for reading, I’m glad you liked it . I also just went through your blog and I love it, especially the role of the ‘TV’ in a child’s life, I have a family friend who speaks Impeccably thanks to cartoons, the 3year old girl out stands me!

    • Chinomnso! all I can say is that God is good, I got your comment last night but I was quite tired so I didn’t reply, but baby girl! I woke up this morning and truly the ‘not so pleasant news’ has been turned around!!! Indeed God is good! Thank you so much for commenting and reading.

  3. Aaaaaw Tosin! I love you! Your words hit me so hard like “olumo rock..haha.
    Just to think I was telling my friends about you yesterday and I’m sure they”ve visited your blog.
    I love you! *muah*


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