HappyMother's Day

1. When there’s no traffic : Oh! this makes me so happy, anytime I approach the express to my house and I don’t see red brake lights I’m over joyed. You’d literally think I won a lottery. Street-light


2. When my hair is laid: This goes for anytime I wear my hair in a bun. When I scarf it down right before shower and the bath steam doesn’t mess it up. I smile so widely 😀

3. When my mum cooks: My mum is a 9am-9pm worker. She owns a store that she’s at from Monday-Saturday. So whenever she has time to cook some of her delicacies, I’m always over joyed. Her Fried rice is the BOMB!

4. When my tailor gets a style right: You see my tailor is a self acclaimed designer that likes to do whatever she wants. The last time I gave a fabric to sew a “W” neck line she turned it into a pyramid/ triangle……. I don’t even know how lol. So whenever she gets a style right, I’m always ecstatic.



5. When I find a huge bargain on a luxury item: I’m a shopper and I love the finer things in life at a budget. So when I walk into a store and I find an item I’ve always wanted at a huge discount I’m beyond elated.

6. When my brother thinks my photo is great: My brothers are my biggest critics, so when I post a photo on Instagram and  my brother Tope tells me it’s awesome, I know it is.

7. When my car is clean: Oh Lord, my car is like a market woman’s car. I always have boxes of products in my trunk, documents on my back seat and makeup on my passenger’s side. So whenever I take that Sunday afternoon trip to the car wash, I leave with a smile on my face.

8. When I meet blog readers: This has been happening a lot lately, and most times I look bland . I’m the least glam person on a week day. I dress up mostly on weekends. If you meet me on a week day I’m most likely looking basic with a huge smile. I love it when I meet blog readers. It brings me so much joy to know I’m reaching someone and they care enough to say hello.

9. When I consistently keep up with a new habit : You know we all have seasons where we give ourselves new resolutions. I love it when I decide to start something new and I keep up with it. For instance I decided to note down all my daily expenses on an app and I’ve been consistent. I downloaded an  app called daily spender and at the end of each day I input my expense. It feels so great at the end of the month to see the spread sheet of my daily entries.

10. When children warm up to me: I used to think I wasn’t maternal till I became a tutor for the children’s department of my church. I love it when I stretch my arms to carry a toddler and they lean forward without hesitating. It’s so heartwarming and it makes me so happy .


11. When I buy a new phone charger: iPhone users know this is pure joy! Whenever my dad goes on holiday he knows to buy me a new charger. Apple needs to solve their charger “turtle neck ” issue fast. 

12. When I find a hilarious throwback photo of myself: This just cracks me up, I laugh at my self so hard and just thank God his faithfulness and my glow up!



So! Happy international Happiness day! (I wonder who comes up with these things though lol) , do let me know your thoughts below, and what makes you happy ^.^

Happy Sunday!




  1. Nice post dear. most times it’s the little things that give us joy unspeakable. THE traffic part is so true!

  2. 4,5&12 got me laughing because that’s me. But something that brings a kind of deep joy is when my almost 3yrs old daughter gives me a hug and says I love you mum without being prompt whatsoever, I feel super at that point.

  3. I’ve never laughed so hard before online like I did when I read about your pyramid triangle struggles!!! Oh the horror!!! 😂😂😂😂

    I will say this––and you can count on this because I’m a huge critic myself, anything looks great on you. Have I been to your house to monitor your style? Well, no. But I know you think well before you don any outfit for an occasion, lol! 😀

  4. Great post as always. Tosinnnn!!!! I kept refreshing your blog for like two weeks waiting for new content. i know you had new youtube videos but I missed reading from you.


  5. It’s the little things….lol @ makeup at passengers side…whenever my car is clean its absolutely pure bliss for me

  6. The pictures went really well with your write up. I laughed when I read that your tailor has a mind of her own. It reminds of when you tell a hairdresser, “do you know how to do this style?” They say yes and do something else.

    I think good food, music and a great novel makes me happy.

  7. The little things that leaves one’s heart happy and infuse smiles.
    And you’ve got a lovely smile.

    First time here and i Love your blog Already..

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