So over the weekend I received some great items I thought to share. I got some drinks, a new blog planner and three bundles of some bouncy hair.

Coincidentally, they all had some form of yellow on their packaging hence the title. 

1. Alice and Esther: This I really like. For an indigenous wig making company they put so much thought into their branding. Besides their great customer service they are solving a small problem for most ladies. Making custom wigs at an affordable price. You can either provide the hair or they do, see more information on their website HERE. They made me a wig over Christmas which was well stitched. On Saturday they sent me some lovely hair I can’t wait to use.img_9144

2. Wilsons Juice: This company sent me a message saying they wanted me to participate in an ongoing 12 day lifestyle challenge where they send me a complimentary carton of juice. I’m a lemonade girl so of course I said yes. This came in on Friday and boy is it nice! So sweet and best served chilled. I’ve had four bottles since then and gifted one to my friend Dara, she also loved it. img_9143

3. Cassie Daves blog planner: I ordered for this the day it was launched and paid. I was glad that Cassie came up with such a fantastic and thoughtful idea for fellow bloggers. After so much delivery hassle thanks to me, I finally got it delivered to me on Sunday. The wrapping was so pretty and the personalised note was very heart warming. The blog planner is detailed and I can’t wait to put it to great use.

Hope you all are well, 



5 Comments on “JUST IN: YELLOW GOODIES!”

  1. Now I’m feeling bad I don’t have the blog planner. It seems such a great idea I have heard so much about it but I think the price is outrageous!


  2. The blog planner isn’t a bad idea but getting the hair is the best idea (lolz) Your gift in a touch of yellow is cute


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