“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor_ "Winter is dead.”.pngHello,

Hope you’ve been well, I had the most busy yet eventful week/weekend. So it started from last week Monday.

My cousin who lives in England was getting married last weekend and I was on the bridal train. I had booked a flight for Tuesday last week so Monday was crunch time. My brother and other relatives sent me their shopping list, e.g Milo, milk, Nutri c, Fish, plantain chips e.t.c So I spent the entire Monday shopping and packing.

Tuesday came around and I left home 4pm for an 11:30pm flight, But thank God I did. The traffic was so much, I got to the airport 9 O’clock. I finally checked in and took off.

I landed on Wednesday morning  and my friend from Youtube Esther150 came to pick  me up, she was there for 5am, such a sweet lady.

As soon as I got home I had to go for fittings almost immediately, My bridesmaid dress was still at the tailor’s . When I got there it was done, I just tried it on and it was perfect.

Thursday came around and we had to run errands as the traditional marriage was the next day. I absolutely love family weddings, there’s so much unity, meeting new relations and everyone telling stories from way back.

The traditional wedding was so amazing, I don’t think I’ve danced like this in a while. We all had our pink asoebi and Gele on. I didn’t get to take full photos because of all the run around, but I’m sure the photographer got some amazing shots.

I read the proposal and acceptance letter for the couple. In the Yoruba culture the sister of the bride reads a letter of acceptance that signifies we have accepted the proposal from the grooms family. My cousin doesn’t have a sister as she’s an only daughter but I’m her “favourite cousin” lol psyches, so I read the letter.

I danced to some highlife music by Ariya gospel band, I was sprayed with some cool cash too, can’t wait to change it to Naira LOL…….. it was fun.

My cousin Lanre looked so beautiful, her colours suited her complexion  perfectly. I can’t wait for the professional photos. when it’s published I’d update this post.

She had three outfits for the traditional wedding. A white and grey one, a traditional owo(Ondo state) outfit, very similar to the Benin culture, our mums are from Ondo. Then a baby pink dress and gele .  
The traditional ended on a Friday, so on Saturday we were tired but there was still much to do as the white wedding was on Monday bank holiday.


We then moved to our hotel which was closer to where the White wedding held. On Sunday we ironed our dresses, sorted out logistics and bonded with other bridesmaids. Monday morning we woke up 5am to start our makeup.

The entire train was done by @_oluwbeautiful and @lamro_b on Instagram. They did a good job as Lanre wanted us to look very simple. I loved the eye makeup specifically. We were 10 bridesmaids so 5 am was a good time to get everyone of us ready for church.

some of the bridesmaid

 We styled our hair to the back as a simple bun.


wedding program

The brides makeup and hair was done by Kemi Kings makeup. She did an amazing job.

The star of the day was her dress. She had a beautiful Caroline Herrera dress, with an extra detachable ball skirt . She wore it with the skirt to church but removed it thereafter at the reception.


The white wedding was simply  amazing, and emotional, we all cried. it held at this beautiful house in chelmsford.Ext Hylands House  ID Ext 2858_4

The father daughter dance was a great highlight.

The wedding ended well, and I woke up with a sore throat LOL.

The next day was a Tuesday I just slept in like a baby. I hadn’t slept well since I left Nigeria so I needed the rest. On Wednesday I had lunch with Esther. We met at stratford and had some good food from Giraffe, also did some shopping.


Afterwards I went home to pack my luggage, I had to catch a flight yesterday morning to Glasgow. I woke up early on Thursday and upon all my speed, Transport for London wanted to show me pepper, I almost missed my flight but I didn’t thank God. I Landed safely in Glasgow yesterday …… 

   Just like that it’s Friday again and time for another weekend. My voice is getting better and I’m here keeping you lovely readers updated…

Hope your week was great, and your weekend would be greater,

Happy new month.

Welcome to the month of possibilities.



Do drop a comment, I’d love to hear from you. 



14 Comments on “HOW I SPENT MY WEEKEND #KAYLAN2016”

  1. *cough* *cough*… afi favourite cousin…. lol. Fun filled weekend!! It was so nice to spend time with you. X

  2. I am having my first ever bridesmaid’s duty in August and have been excited since last year when the bride asked🙈#icantkeepcalm#. Thank you for the update as I have missed reading from you like always. Enjoy your trip dear.

  3. Good reading from you sweets, you looked absolutely pretty in all the pictures… Enjoy your stay at Glasgow


  4. Everything about the wedding was a hit back t back. meanwhile you and that ur cousin look more like sisters self. ur makeup was cool nd u 2 were beautiful as always!

  5. Tosin please is white teeth hereditary in your family? You and your cousin have absolutely stunning teeth. Abeg share the secret. thank you.

    sisi pale teeth. 😀

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