1.jpg1000 Lead Advocates| 30 Limbs | 30 Locations as THE IREDE FOUNDATION goes ‘Out-on-a-Limb’ for Child Amputees.

…Identifying Ability in Disability

A group of Nigerians concerned about the plight of children with acquired or congenital limb loss has inaugurated a Non-Governmental Organisation called The IREDE Foundation to give succour and relieve to the children and their parents by providing them with artificial limbs to enable them to live well and move freely.

As part of activities to create awareness for children living with this condition and to attract attention of the government and socially responsible organisations as well as philanthropic individuals, an awareness walk  tagged “ Out on a Limb “ will be holding come the 9th  of April 2016 in Lagos. The 2km walk will take place in 2 different locations in Lagos. Members of the public are enjoined to participate by joining us at any of the below listed addresses within Lagos.

Lagos Location 1: YMCA Building, 77, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi beside Mobil Filling Station.

Lagos Location 2: Ikorodu local government building, Tos Benson Road, Ikorodu

Time: 7 am

For the first time our annual awareness walk tagged Out on a Limb will take place in Lagos and locations outside Lagos.  We will be creating awareness simultaneously in 30 locations Within and outside Nigeria we have Ikoyi, Ikorodu, Abeokuta, Enugu, Owerri, Uyo, Asaba, Abia, Benin, Kano, Kaduna, Warri, Jos, Ile-Ife, Abuja and Ibadan while outside Nigeria we have Johannesburg, Malaysia, Ghana, Paris, Atlanta, Chicago, London, Turkey, Nairobi and Germany. Details on the addresses were start up will take place in locations outside Lagos, can be gotten by clicking on register for Out on a Limb on our website http://www.theiredefoundation.org

The general public is invited for the Out on a Limb awareness walk as the IREDE Foundation beneficiaries will also be in attendance.  Celebrities, OAPs, Pressmen and Religious leaders will also be present to show their support to the cause of empowering children living with limb loss. We encourage everyone to join us in any of the 30 locations listed above.

T-shirts will also be available for anyone who wants to purchase. Funds raised from t-shirt will be used to empower 30 child amputees. The IREDE Foundation will be empowering 30 child amputees within the year 2016. This is 88% increase compared to what we achieved last year (16 limbs were given in 2015). Providing 30 limbs can be made possible through donations and partnerships from well meaning/philanthropic individuals, organizations and various governmental bodies.

 The IREDE Foundation was founded in 2012 by Crystal Chigbu, mother of 7 year old Irede Beulah Chigbu who was born with congenital limb deformity as a means to assist indigent children living with limb loss, gain access to prostheses that would enable them live independently. The IREDE Foundation will continue to stage “Out on a Limb” annually to create public awareness to the plight of child amputees.

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