IMG_0369“All things are permissible,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are permissible,” but not all things build up” Corinthians 10:23

Hello all, welcome to this week’s logos corner. Time runs by so fast, I still remember last week friday, editing and uploading the logos corner for the week and now another weekend is here… This week’s topic is quite dear to me and I hope every reader is edified and truly blessed by it.

So, as usual get your notes, Bibles, gadgets and lets begin…...

Early this week I got a BBM message from a family friend of mine who is also in her early 20’s. Her message read “Tosin, I’d like to know your view on dressing and decency as a christian and what you think about someone like Meagan Good” (NOTE: this post is NOT about dress code, topic for another day :D)

I simply chuckled because this is a topic I have quite studied and have gained some understanding on. The first question I asked was, “why Meagan Good”. But I figured why because Meagan is often photographed wearing ‘revealing’ clothes and as she’s also a pastors wife……  as I said earlier this post is not about dress code, but to round  up the synopsis on a concise note I’d tell you how I responded.

I asked her what exactly ‘being modestly dressed’ is? Because frankly I believe the word ‘Decency’ is subjective. Many of us classify what is decent based on our upbringing and moral construct whereas what is decent to us may be totally indecent to another. (e.g denominations that believe all women who wear trousers are ungodly). Another reason I’m capitalising on the word decency as being subjective is also because I watched an interview on Meagan good, where she was asked if she thought how she dressed was inappropriate as a preacher’s Wife, and she made a very valid point. She said “I grew up on the red carpet/the entertainment industry, with all the glitz and glam since I was 13. So what may be appropriate/decent to me may be far different from someone who grew up in the everyday context”……….

Anyway, lets jump to the main anchor of today’s post, which is opinions, mindsets, ideologies, expressions and judgement.

Many times a lot of us ‘christians’ are very vocal about things we object to without literally applying wisdom or taking into context the word of God.  As you may already know, I used to be a highly opinionated person who felt very witty and needed to voice out everything I didn’t agree upon. Although naturally as humans we are bound to have opinions about every single thing we come across, but the true test is why and how.

Are the opinions based on the word of God? or are they as a result of your failure to accept  that people are different and its okay to agree to disagree. Referring to the previous paragraph, I actually believe that we christians are most guilty of being judgemental as many of us are caught up in dogma and religion, hence we forget the true essence of spirituality.

In fact, Luke 6:36 has become so cliche and over-said that we don’t even  realise the instruction behind the verse.

“Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned…..

Now you may say to yourself  ‘I’m not guilty of it, I don’t judge”, But what makes you see someone and automatically assume their morality as low due to how they appear (piercings, tattoos, demeanour, dress sense, actions etc). Without even getting to know them personally. Now do not misinterpret me, what is wrong is wrong but the act of “looking down upon, speaking ill or showing disdain to the person’ is what is ‘Judging’. …………………Despise the ‘sin’ not the man.

Lately I’ve been engaging my followers on Instagram with posts I find interesting, and asking for thoughts via comments and its quite intriguing to see how people think. An instance is Michelle William’s song, ‘Say Yes’ featuring Beyonce and Kelly. which I posted and people dropped comments like ‘why is Beyonce wearing shorts in a gospel song, when did they start doing gospel, I’m sure there is an hidden agenda behind this track, Illuminati things ”  ..…. I just marvelled because frankly I believe no matter your reservations about beyonce/kelly, its all to the glory of the lord, the lyrics are edifying and one more person will get to know about Jesus through their music.

Another instance is how people confidently spread ‘jokes’ about people in power(government) or men of God.  I would like to use this medium to say this quickly “Theres a thin line between joking and mockery, and for every word of mockery there is a price.  Please don’t join people to insult presidents, preachers or any leader in general. If you can’t pray for them or effect a change in your capacity kindly stay quiet.

A test that i’ve been practising and living by lately is the speech test; Paul said we are free to do and say anything we please, but not all things are helpful (expedient, profitable, and wholesome). He also added, All things are lawful, but not all things are constructive [to character] and edifying [to spiritual life]. This scripture basically means if it doesn’t add value, edify, improve, correct or enlighten, do not say it/talk about it or do it.  


Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

 Many times I have conversations with non Christians (pagans/atheists) here in my city and I’ve learnt not to argue or try to ‘prove’ to anyone that there is God. I believe spreading the gospel is a lifestyle, and if I live as I ought to, the excellence of Christ should exude through me, (without many words).  The truth is, You can disapprove those of different beliefs all day or even preach about God to them, but someone accepting christ is not by the eloquence of your words or how well you can ‘minister’. Its simply the holy spirit that gives the capacity for acceptance and understanding.  Without him you’d be pouring water into a basket.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us’ Hebrews 12:1


As always,I love you for taking out time to read and I pray for grace and mercy to truly live Christ like.



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4 Comments on “LOGOS CORNER IV”

  1. Well said Tosin! We live in an era where Christians are becoming more religious and less Christ-like. Becoming the Pharisees that Christ had to correct everytime. I’ve come to realise that this Christian race has no definite formular- saying ‘so so’ words, dressing this way, and all sorts. In asmuchas we are to live a holy life, our standard of holiness shouldn’t be set against another just because we feel pure in our eyes. May God help us. 😇


  3. Lovely post. I think some christians are just really confused especially new believers. They might think the bible says this so y is this person not doing it. This can even be from a non critical view. Some even say it from a place of love or concern. The problem is seperating it as you have said. Some things in the bible are straight forward; Like committing adultery. If my friend is doing this i will talk to her aswell as pray for her. I won’t believe im judging because i will be telling her out of love because of the detrimental effects of her actions. We just need to do whatever we do to d glory of God as you have said.


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