PART 3??


Happy Sunday! hope your day went well, Mine did as you can see above ^.^………….My Pastor organised a feast for everyone after church, as his birthday was also last week (Kaii, God loves me lool), I ate so much today, from Fried rice to Jollof to Chicken, to Ayamashe stew and every! God bless you Pastor( thats him below)!  Anyway, this post is basically the last part (Read part 1 & part 2 Here) of my ‘birthday celeberation(hehehe), outfit post and How my day went! Hope you



I teach in the children’s department at my church and although the kids are a handful they are also the cutest (just look at them)!!

DSC_0060 DSC_0056DSC_0123 I also got to take pictures of my outfit  , thanks to YJ……

Dress: Virgos Lounge (style: Nicola dress)

Shoes: Buy here

Lipstick: Mac Heroine & Sleek papaya punch

Purse: SelfridgesDSC_0112DSC_0117DSC_0139DSC_0104DSC_0073DSC_0110DSC_0150…….And thats all! Hope you’re doing well, and your day is going great!



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