IMG_1629 Hello all,

I was tagged by the lovely AB of thekinkandi.wordpress.com to do this short blog tag. Its been sitting in my draft for a while now, and I just completed the questions and thought to upload. So here…..

Are you named after someone?

Nop! I’m the only Tosin in my family ^.^

When was the last time you cried?

On my birthday…..

Do you have any children?

Not yet.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Of course, lol !

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Pap, Pap again, Tunnocks tea cakes (The best!)

Do you like ‘handwriting’ ?

Yes I do for  personal letters, but for anything else, lets stick to emails…..

What’s your favourite cereal?

I hardly take  cereal, because I don’t like milk, But if I had no choice it’d be Fruit ‘n’ fibre. I eat it like a snack (dry).

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Nails and teeth (I’m corny like that *covers face*)

What’s the colour of your eyes?

Dark brown

Scary movies or happy endings?

Happy endings, I like to have a good cry with the rush of emotions……

Favourite TV show?

Married to Medicine, Big Bang Theory, Lekki wives!(pardon the name, Its a really great show)

Winter or summer?

Winter, I’d rather be all cosy and cuddly, than hot….

Hugs or kisses?

Hugs, wait Kisses , actually both would do ^.^

Special talent?

That one sef dey, but I’m a good motivator.

Where were you born?

Lagos, Nigeria.


Reading, Cooking, music and of course blogging….

Do you have any pets?

I don’t like anything that moves that’s not human, I’m sorry 😦

Favourite movie?

The illusionist.

What colour is your car?

WHITE  presently(Future car-Matte Black)

What do you want to do when you grow up?

A lot……… I want to be a preacher, Own a Tv network, a makeup and perfume line.

And that’s all with the tag! I tag all bloggers who read this post!  and to to my readers I would love to know more about you! please feel free to answer these questions down in the comment box ^.^



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12 Comments on “TAGGED: BEING ME!”

  1. When I say we are sisters, you’ll be raising your eyebrows. Lol. I eat fruit n fibre raw as well, not that I don’t like milk, it just feels good in my mouth. And A big Fat NO to pets. I’ve been tagged, I guess.
    It’s nice knowing more about you, Tosin

  2. Way to go girl!
    yes you are a good motivator and i’m not surprised at you wanting to be a preacher.

  3. Preacher Tosin!! Pap again? Anyway please tell them I made you shed beautiful tears on your birthday…lol. I smiled at you not loving anything that walks on fours. I’m like that too but that doesn’t stop me from eating them when cooked/fried/roasted! 🙂



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