Hello people!

How I love it when fellow bloggers tag me in posts, I feel very special lol! Thank you …..

Today I’d be doing a Blog tour! I was tagged by the beautiful and extremely witty Dewunmi of Koolstory Blog, She’s a fictional christian writer. Her blog is such a breath of fresh air, scented with intelligence and sheer wisdom….(permit all my flattery, she’s actually also my family friend, T.M.I ‘we attended the same primary school & university, and our mums are close friends’ ^.^ lol so you understand all the love now).  lets get right into the ‘Blog tour’

1.) What am I working on? 

Currently, I’m doing my dissertation for my graduate programme as you may already know, but also trying to keep the blog very active, with at least two posts per week.  I want my readers to always have something to look forward to when they refresh my page. Currently, I intend to add new segments to my blog as I have lots of ideas in view but I don’t want to rush them without adequate planning.

2.) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think there are very few young bloggers in my age group who do lifestyle as a whole. I discuss spirituality, fashion, beauty and food.  Although I’m adding some more to the tagline shortly. i.e.  Health & relationships (On the latter, I have some experiences I’d like to share but I’m waiting on instruction from above before I commence discussion ^.^)

3.) Why do I write what I do?

Since I became more self aware, I identified my strengths to be motivation, encouragement and teaching. I am a teacher currently at my church and I really love what I do. I taught during my NYSC year and I actually was more inclined in the personal lives of the students over their academic wellbeing. I really believe that when the inner soul of a man is well nourished the exterior will flourish. I also believe that people can be whole all round i.e you can be intelligent, meek, trendy, healthy and spiritual. Hence, I strive to live a life exemplary, worth sharing with others. I want people to know (especially young ladies) that you can have a wholesome life balance without compromising your dignity or values.

4.) How does my writing process work?

I hardly plan my posts,  as soon as I get inspiration I immediately begin to type (I type very fast now thanks to blogging & academic essays lol). I write all the ideas down and save in my draft. As soon as I have some free time, I edit, proof read, add pictures and publish. But I intend to schedule my posts from next month, so my readers would know what is to be published for when. E.g. Logos Fridays, OOTD Sundays, Food recipes Saturday e.t.c.

5.) What to expect from the blog?

New segments, More readers & subscribers,  More Giveaways, Guest writers, Features (good news coming soon concerning this) and a lot more beyond my imagination by the special grace of God!

And that’s all for the blog tour!! Hope you enjoyed!

As usual I tag ALL bloggers who reads this post! don’t forget to tag me when you do yours. I loved the last “Being me tag! I enjoyed reading each one I was tagged in, and I’ve made new virtual friends! ^.^

Kindly drop a comment below if you have questions, suggestions or anything as at that! Would love to hear from you…

P.s. Kindly pray for the Chibok Girls, Gaza and the world at large. It is all written(zephaniah 2:1-7) but still in all things pray without ceasing(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Have a super duper week ahead!!



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