House of Debola is a Nigeria based brand that retails fashion pieces from your favourite stores worldwide. They recently just launched their flagship store and I was invited. Debola the brand owner happens to be a dear friend of mine and I was excited to attend . She started out as an online store but […]

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Today was a casual day out, I brought out two of my favourite items; My Mena satchel bag from Hopic printz which I reviewed HERE and my old mules . The outfit was simple but the bag made it pop. Everyone loves a simple midi dress that can be glammed up with a few accessories…. […]

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Sure your day is going well, It’s past 5’0clock so I can pose and post…..

it’s also about to rain, can you tell from the images below? I tried not to look tired ^.^

I have on my wiggie today from RaefranHair because I rushed out of the house this morning (It takes effort to pack my natural hair, wigs are ever efficient).

Hope you’re doing great and prepping for the weekend….Don’t forget to vote for us to win HERE! (number 18|Africanismcosmopolitan)

Dress: BeFree Street || Brooch: H & M|| BAG: Therapy|| Shoes: TopShop

DSC_1108DSC_1115DSC_1107DSC_1106 2DSC_1113DSC_1106DSC_1112

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Hope your day is going well, Here’s an outfit post from today.

Shirt: Forever 21| Jeans: Milien| Bag: Mischa Barton| Shoes: Next| Earrings: H&M| Glasses: Newlook

Photo credit: Ann Okpapi

Have a great day ahead…



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Hello! Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I’m having a giveaway (or giveaways) ^.^ This first Giveaway is a set of 12 cupcakes from @vanilla_cake_factory ! They make exquisite, delicious and affordable cakes. Based in Ibadan but deliver to all axis of Nigeria. To win this delightful box, the rules are simple! 1. […]

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Hope your weekend went awesome! Mine was quite eventful. I woke up on Saturday morning craving Akara i.e Bean cake. You all know my love for pap i.e Ogi, and I think there is nothing more satisfying than Pap with any bean delicacy; Ranging from moi-moi, palm oil beans or bean cake. So I decided to go with the latter. The cooking is quite easy, but the preparation process is the main task. You have to soak the beans for a minimum of 4hours then peel off the brown part/skin, before you blend and fry. I would make a video later this week on it for my YouTube community, but a lot of blog readers in Nigeria complain about videos and the internet struggle there, so here is a step by step pictorial for you lovelies! Do enjoy!

DSC_0040 DSC_0045DSC_0049 DSC_0051 DSC_0053DSC_0058 DSC_0070I enjoyed my meal and I hope you will too! tweet or tag me when you make yours! Follow me on Instagram/ Twitter .

Have an awesome week ahead!

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IMG_6905-1Hello Ladies!

I’ve done a similar post to this in the past, but here’s an updated version. These are 6 tested and trusted lipsticks for darker skinned ladies. A lot of women of colour still complain about “shades/colours not suiting them” but I beg to differ. I love lipsticks, I wear them everyday I wear makeup (Yes I do). I don’t like lip gloss and I just wouldn’t wear it alone, i.e without a lipstick/Lipstain base. These Lipsticks are colours I wear myself, so fear not lol.

1. Sleek Papaya punch: This lipstick is coral-orange, it’s really rich and I love the way it applies smoothly. It also serves as a good gradient when applied in the middle of a purple lipstick.

2. MAC Ruby Woo: Any makeup lover knows the wonders of a red lipstick. It’s a deep yet vibrant red, although a little drying but it’s nothing lip balm can’t solve. Apply prior to application.

3. Sleek Mystic : I love purple lipstick and after MAC heroine, this comes next. It’s not a dupe for heroine but it serves as a good purple lipstick. Velvety and smooth too.

4. MAC Fixed on drama: Amazing colour! it’s like cocoa, pink and burgundy had a baby. Very pigmented and looks great on both dark and fair skin.

5. MAC Flat out fabulous: My favorite lipstick in the world. End of discussion

6. Kate Rimmel nude : This lipstick leans more to brown than a pink nude. I like it on days when I’m wearing a natural look. A little lip-liner and gloss over it and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps you when next you’re in the makeup aisle, but remember! no matter how great a product is, application is what matters.

All lipsticks mentioned in this post are my personal favourites, Do let me know yours! I’d really love to know … I love to mix colours to create a gradient, ombre or even a new colour.

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Hello people!

How I love it when fellow bloggers tag me in posts, I feel very special lol! Thank you …..

Today I’d be doing a Blog tour! I was tagged by the beautiful and extremely witty Dewunmi of Koolstory Blog, She’s a fictional christian writer. Her blog is such a breath of fresh air, scented with intelligence and sheer wisdom….(permit all my flattery, she’s actually also my family friend, T.M.I ‘we attended the same primary school & university, and our mums are close friends’ ^.^ lol so you understand all the love now). lets get right into the ‘Blog tour’

1.) What am I working on?

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