IMG_6905-1Hello Ladies!

I’ve done a similar post to this in the past, but here’s an updated version. These are 6 tested and trusted lipsticks for darker skinned ladies. A lot of women of colour still complain about “shades/colours not suiting them” but I beg to differ. I love lipsticks, I wear them everyday I wear makeup (Yes I do). I don’t like lip gloss and I just wouldn’t wear it alone, i.e without a lipstick/Lipstain base.  These Lipsticks are colours I wear myself, so fear not lol.

1. Sleek Papaya punch: This lipstick is coral-orange, it’s really rich and I love the way it applies smoothly. It also serves as a good gradient when applied in the middle of a purple lipstick.

2. MAC Ruby Woo: Any makeup lover knows the wonders of a red lipstick. It’s a deep yet vibrant red, although a little drying but it’s nothing lip balm can’t solve. Apply prior to application.

3. Sleek Mystic : I love purple lipstick and after MAC heroine, this comes next. It’s not a dupe for heroine but it serves as a good purple lipstick. Velvety and smooth too.

4. MAC Fixed on drama: Amazing colour! it’s like cocoa, pink and burgundy had a baby. Very pigmented and looks great on both dark and fair skin.

5. MAC Flat out fabulous: My favorite lipstick in the world. End of discussion

6. Kate Rimmel nude : This lipstick leans more to brown than a pink nude. I like it on days when I’m wearing a natural look. A little lip-liner and gloss over it and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps you when next you’re in the makeup aisle, but remember!  no matter how great a product is, application is what matters.

All lipsticks mentioned in this post are my personal favourites, Do let me know yours! I’d  really love to know … I love to mix colours to create a gradient, ombre or even a new colour.

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  1. Hi,

    I also think Mac Heroine is gorgeous on dark skin. You should check out Makeup Revolution Matte Lipsticks in shades Lady, Chic, Rebel with Cause (a dupe for Mac Rebel) and Crime.

  2. Kayge Lipsticks have a nice glossy finish and stay on almost all day, even though they’re not exactly matte. Soft and ‘lip-skin’ friendly {hehehe, if there’s a word like that 😉 }

    I also love House of Tara lipsticks! I think I get a new shade almost every month/2 months, lol. My favourites for now are Tejuosho(gives a girl something of a goth look), Faridah, Kotangora and Nsa. You should invest in one of their products though.

    I love M.A.Cs’ Heroine too!

    Oh and I haven’t tried sleeks’ Flash a pout lip polish but I already like two in particular from what I’ve seen on the net, Duke and Naivety. If you’ve tried it out, pls I’d like to know if it’s as matte as it looks.
    Great post, Tosin!

    • SO INFORMATIVE! When my mum is coming from Nigeria I’d ask her to get me all those you mentioned!! thank you so much, seems you’re a lipstick junkie like me hehhee, thank you for taking out time to comment xx

  3. well Im loving the look of fixed on drama. That should be my next buy. I think Mac rebel is also gorgeous on dark skin!

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