Hello all,
Thank you all for the patience and several emails I got through out last month, I’m thankful for the love.
I concluded and submitted my final thesis on Friday last week and moved into a new flat, after which I experienced the most life changing experience of my life till date. I’d be truly ungrateful if I don’t share.

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may already know because I shared it last night, but I need to tell the whole world and all who care to listen about God’s faithfulness.

6:30pm on Friday shortly after I turned in my project, my friend and I went to my new flat to set up. After about an hour my friend said she wanted to go back to the old accommodation to clear up, since she was travelling back to her home country in a few days.

I decided to check the bus times which showed that the next bus was for 8pm. I wore my shoes and we walked on the pavement towards the bus stop. I remember pointing out the bus stop to my friend, and sincerely that’s the last memory I can recall of that evening. I woke to be surrounded by paramedics.


A car had lost control and crashed into us. I was hit first and the car flung me metres away, setting me on someone’s home lawn while my friend was crashed into the bus stop by the car. Paramedics came and We were rushed to the ER.

4hours later I became conscious. My friend had suffered bone fractures on her pelvis, back and neck with internal bleeding on her organs.

The doctors performed X-rays, scans and an MRI on me, because they said I landed far away with my head hitting the ground. The results showed I didn’t break any bone in my body . Several doctors came around asking me questions and feeling my body to be sure I didn’t sustain any fractures or internal bleeding. The doctors repeated severally “you are one lucky lady” because in the same accident there were two extremes. I sustained just a few bruises, 10minute pre-event amnesia and mild body pains while my friend’s condition is currently tagged “critical”(Although I trust God for speedy recovery on her).

I know so well that I’m not lucky, it was just God and his ever present mercy. He showed up and set me on high to safety.
Today I am alive, I am well. I can walk, talk and I look as though nothing happened. My parents and siblings are not in tears, my friends don’t have sad posts up. I am thankful for this chance at life.

The devil tried so hard but he is still a liar. I am alive today because God Kept me. If only the enemy knew that this experience would still end in praise and all to the glory of God he won’t have tried.

I shall indeed live up to my name. “God is worthy to be praised”_Oluwatosin. I give thanks.

Kindly keep my friend in your prayers just giving thanks to God on her behalf. God doesn’t do half miracles, he perfects all and I trust him for her.

I would be constant on the blog as soon as I can, thank you again for the support I’m truly grateful.
Happy new month and stay blessed.




  1. Thank God for his constant mercies & miracles each day. I mean you are the one who put this down as well.
    I have experienced this; although worse and have the same testimony as well.
    Congrats & cheers love, to a new life, grace, good health & more testimonies.
    I wish your friend a speedy recovery as well, God be with you both.

  2. Thank God for his amazing grace and protection over you. The devil keeps bringing his ugly head in the lives of God’s people.your friend will have a speedy recovery too. amen



  5. OMG..I am just seeing this, Thank God for your Life, I am Happy you are ok and I pray for speedy recovery for your friend. God never fails.


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