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Hair in image above on me by @RaefranhairUK


If you follow my blog you’d know I’m a proud wiggie! I have about 7 wigs. I’ve been wearing wigs even before it became a trend. I have a mum who is a wig lover so I guess I learnt that from her. About 3 years ago when I first went natural it was difficult for me to be spontaneous with hair-dos.  I felt I was limited to my short coils. It wasn’t long after that I made my first wig. I did it myself, it was wonky but I found a way to rock it regardless.

There is a myth that wigs are for old women and it ages you, so first let me debunk that ^.^  Anything would age you if you don’t find a flattering version of it, from clothes to hair. The key to wearing wigs is to find styles, lengths and colors that suit your complexion and face shape.

For instance my face is oval, hence shoulder length and Layered long hair looks great on me. So I know to invest in bobs/curly hair and long layered styles.


  1. Durability & Convenience: Sew-ins take time to install and don’t last long, with wigs you can wear a style for a whole year, by simply washing/airing  the wig occasionally. Its easy to pop on and pop off. After a long day out I just want a shower without scrunching up weaves under hair nets and shower caps.
  2.  Hygiene: When I have sew-ins on I can’t wash my scalp how I like. More so Nigeria is a humid country, so having to keep a style in for weeks without washing my hair is the perfect recipe for scalp build up, smell and dandruff. Plus I can properly take care of my natural hair whilst wearing wigs. They are great for protective styling.
  3. Cost effective: Having a wig made costs between N8,000-N15,000 in most places, whereas fixing a one time sew-in costs between N2,000-N10,000 depending on the salon/style. It’s better to put your extensions on a cap/wig at a one off price with room for multiple uses, rather than spending monthly on a new hair-do.
  4. Spontaneous option: If you’re like me that quickly gets bored with a style, wigs are your best friend. You can change your look every week without breaking the bank.


  • Air out them daily: After each day, find a place to air dry them to prevent scalp oils/sweat from turning it into a bacteria nest.
  • Apply little or no product unless really neccesary.
  • Be careful with styling tools, because the more you comb/blow dry the looser the thread gets(i.e thread used to sew down your extensions on the wig cap).
  • Wash your wigs at least once a month.


  • Before washing, gently brush the wig thoroughly with a brush. For wigs with tight curls, do not brush, use fingers/Wide tooth comb to gently detangle.
  • Use a mild shampoo e.g baby shampoo/sulphate free one. In a sink or bowl, add a small amount of shampoo to cold water. Turn wig inside out and immerse. Gently swirl and pull out dirt with a swipe motion to remove any residue.
  • Change water, add another amount of shampoo and let soak for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all of the shampoo is removed.
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner and lukewarm water through the wig and leave on for 20-30 minutes to allow the product penetrate the hair.
  • Rinse the wig gently in cold  water until all of the conditioner is removed.
  • Wrap the wig in a towel and gently pat out excess water.
  • Place clean wig on a wig stand  or dry line and allow it to air dry naturally and thoroughly before brushing or combing.

RESOURCES ON MAKING/BUYING GOOD WIGS:  There are two options, either you buy a ready made wig or you buy bundles and make it yourself. I prefer the later because of density, attention to detail and cost. I make my wigs at my local stylist or @Aliceandesther on Instagram. For quality weaves and closures I trust @RaefranHairUK (hands down the best natural looking closures + they ship to Nigeria in about a week) Use code AF2016 for free shipping to Nigeria and £10 off your total purchase.


  • Good density: scanty wigs are never ideal, go for 300grams hair and above. 
  • Closure: Ensure your closure is as natural as possible, little tweezing, get a flesh toned, bleached knots lace closure with a realistic parting. 
  • Ensure the hooks/elastic bands are well fitted but not tight, we don’t want sparse edges or traction alopecia.
  • Stitching: Ensure your stylist makes your wig with quality thread and firm stitching, we want our wigs to last a long time. 

And thats all!
Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts below! I’d absolutely love to hear from you. 



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  1. I doubt i will ever fix my hair again… i love the freedom wigs give me especially when bathing and sleeping….totally understated if you ask me.
    There’s nothing as annonying as buying a bad expensive wig which i did, just thinking about it makes me sad now i know better thou. ..
    Thanks for the tips thou

  2. Hey Tosin thanks for the tips I really do love wigs and I’ve been seeking to turn my weaves to wigs and do them myself but the wig caps that you usually find in the market costing between 100-200 naira barely last. Any recommendations as to where one can find lasting wig caps ?

  3. I am all for wigs right now. I got tired of having weave-ins that were not sewn properly. My hair is the champion of dandruff and build-ups so I’ll be patronising wigs till further notice. I love the fact that when I get home I can take off the wig and let my scalp breathe. Some wigs are also very natural- the other day my daughter asked me if my hair had grown because she saw me wearing a wig.

    Thanks for the tips, Tosin and you look so beautiful in your wigs!

    Precious Core Blog

  4. Hi Tosin,

    Very informative, as always.

    I like wigs because of the convenience of taking off the hair after a long day and not having to position one’s head on the pillow too carefully while sleeping, because of the need to preserve the curls in the weave. 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend.

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