Hello all!, I filmed this video for all those who have natural hair but want to wear weave without the frizzed up look. This video is basically showing how I straighten, curl and install (PLUS BLOOPERS). Watch, comment and share ^.^ Kindly watch in 720/1020HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(click the settings tab at the base of […]

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IMG_1694Hello and happy new month!

How are you all doing, and I hope your week is going as planned………. Lately I’ve been very motivated to blog often basically because I’ve finished all course work for the year and I have just my dissertation left! So, I have a bit more time (even though we all know the project phase of a postgraduate programme could be tasking), but all is well by his grace!

Today is my friend, Bayo’s birthday. He also lives in my city and we decided to have lunch today before his friends take him out to flex. The weather was so beautiful and Bayo literally whined me to go back home to get my camera, and I’m glad I did. The pictures turned out nice. We went to this italian restaurant called Mediterraneo Italiano. I’ve been to this place before and I knew they had amazing food plus the staff is extra courteous and friendly (I’m sucker for good customer service). I ordered some chicken in Black Peppercorn sauce with Fries and Salad, while Bayo had some funny named Pasta I can’t spell.

I rate the restaurant 9.5/10 because the food was really really good, lovely decor, great staff and very affordable price. We ordered a glass of wine, pineapple juice and mineral water along sides our meals and it only cost £32.30. Which I think is very reasonable for the quality.


LADIES! meet Bayo lolIMG_1697IMG_1686DSC_0174


Dress: AX paris(sold out) BUT buy Similar

Shoes: Buy Similar

Bag: Mischa Barton

Shades: Buy similar

DSC_0190J1RJrDSC_0215DSC_0194IMG_1686Have a great day ahead!



P.S. Join me in the 31day challenge to read a chapter in the book of Proverbs every day till month end! It’s organised by James fortune & Fiya, and I’m certainly joining in! Lets be accountable to each other, leave a comment below with your email if you’d be interested and I’d send you reminders everyday till July 31st ! Lets dig deep into the book of wisdom! #Proverbschallenge#31days!10478443_10152218964441238_2412063921003333196_n

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Hello, I promised to do an updated natural hair routine  and here it is. This video contains my food, products, hair habits,tips and wash regimens. I hope its as informative as I intended it to be. And as always, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask via comments or mail me […]

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