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IMG_3946Hello all,

So it seems almost everyone was born in October with all the birthday celebrations going on around me. Last night was my friend Roseline’s birthday, I think i’ve mentioned her in one or two posts on the blog. Last night was lovely, we went to a hotel restaurant to have dinner then headed out to a bar after. I also met new people which is always nice, and got to meet more Africans in my age group, I wonder where they’ve been hiding through out the year lol. Food was good, music was good , and for a tuesday night the turnup was great . Everyone had a blast. I wore a Jumpsuit which I would put up details in the next post. Below are pictures from the

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IMG_9660Hi guys!

How did you enjoy your weekend? Sure it was great! I had quite a boring weekend besides my friend’s birthday party last night which was rather fun and made up for the boring weekend, You’d think I was the celebrant with my excitement lol It’s been a while I heard Nigerian music with Nigerians..the vibe is completely different! The celebrant is my friend Leke and he turned 30 although he still looks 16.

The whole night was a blast. I wore this blue dress which I styled casually with mules and minimal jewelery. I got it from Boohoo(Gotta love that store!) Very very affordable as its on sale now (Although if you have a big midsection this is NOT the dress for you as I couldn’t eat much(unto sucking belle). Here is a collage of the outfit as usual(with links on where to purchase below), and

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So lastnight was my friend Lolu’s birthday dinner, It was lovely! I took my cam along but got there pretty late, busy day earlier so I couldn’t take pictures of the setup as I’d love to; since I arrived halfway into the dinner. However my friend Layemi A.K.A Latrikka took most of the Pictures with the cam, check out her photography blog HERE!

The menu was Buffet style, so I stuffed my self adequately, I had to suck belle when it was time for pictures lol

My dress is from River Island BUY HERE, suprisingly I’m wearing a size 6 in this dress, I tried on an 8 but it was quite big, So either the sizing was wrong or the material is very stretchy.


Shoes: BANK

Underwear(Wonder Bra) : BUY HERE

Box Clutch: Miss selfridges sold out, BUY SIMILAR HERE and HERE


Below: Just a few pictures from the dinner..…<a

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IMG_1694Hello and happy new month!

How are you all doing, and I hope your week is going as planned………. Lately I’ve been very motivated to blog often basically because I’ve finished all course work for the year and I have just my dissertation left! So, I have a bit more time (even though we all know the project phase of a postgraduate programme could be tasking), but all is well by his grace!

Today is my friend, Bayo’s birthday. He also lives in my city and we decided to have lunch today before his friends take him out to flex. The weather was so beautiful and Bayo literally whined me to go back home to get my camera, and I’m glad I did. The pictures turned out nice. We went to this italian restaurant called Mediterraneo Italiano. I’ve been to this place before and I knew they had amazing food plus the staff is extra courteous and friendly (I’m sucker for good customer service). I ordered some chicken in Black Peppercorn sauce with Fries and Salad, while Bayo had some funny named Pasta I can’t spell.

I rate the restaurant 9.5/10 because the food was really really good, lovely decor, great staff and very affordable price. We ordered a glass of wine, pineapple juice and mineral water along sides our meals and it only cost £32.30. Which I think is very reasonable for the quality.


LADIES! meet Bayo lolIMG_1697IMG_1686DSC_0174


Dress: AX paris(sold out) BUT buy Similar

Shoes: Buy Similar

Bag: Mischa Barton

Shades: Buy similar

DSC_0190J1RJrDSC_0215DSC_0194IMG_1686Have a great day ahead!



P.S. Join me in the 31day challenge to read a chapter in the book of Proverbs every day till month end! It’s organised by James fortune & Fiya, and I’m certainly joining in! Lets be accountable to each other, leave a comment below with your email if you’d be interested and I’d send you reminders everyday till July 31st ! Lets dig deep into the book of wisdom! #Proverbschallenge#31days!10478443_10152218964441238_2412063921003333196_n

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PART 3??


Happy Sunday! hope your day went well, Mine did as you can see above ^.^………….My Pastor organised a feast for everyone after church, as his birthday was also last week (Kaii, God loves me lool), I ate so much today, from Fried rice to Jollof to Chicken, to Ayamashe stew and every! God bless you Pastor( thats him below)! Anyway, this post is basically the last part (Read part 1 & part 2 Here) of my ‘birthday celeberation(hehehe), outfit post and How my day went! Hope you

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IMG_1475So as promised, these are pictures from last night. Just a quick post on the birthday shenanigans as the title suggests . I went out

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Hello all, I’ve missed you guys! I’ve been quite occupied with work as usual, as this last week was quite hectic. Deadlines were basically all I saw, and literally had to cut down my social activities/communication with friends just to complete all the tasks, but now I have a breather, so why not blog ^.^… […]

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I love good food, hence fine dining is one of the ways to my heart…… I went to this Japanese restaurant called Sapporo and it was just lovely, even though I’m not a big fan of “sushi” there were substitutes and I indulged! I didn’t get a proper pic of my outfit, (but If you follow me on Instagram there’s a selfie there). However after Brazilian food I can proudly say that I love Japanese food. I rate this restaurant 9/10! The Chefs were entertaining with their culinary skills/tricks, the food was great, lovely decor and the price was right! If you’re ever in my city, please do visit!

Photos taken with my phone(Left Cam at home)












Hope your weekend went well! Speak soon..

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I had such a splendid day today , I went out with one of my best friends Biola (if you remember her from my reflection journal post,) I’ve known Biola for 12years and she’s an amazing person. We later went to have Chinese at Piccadilly circus after a brief meeting and the food was great!!

If you love Biola’s hair(Brazilian tight curls) you can place orders for a custom wig

contact: Annabel of Annskye

Instagram: @annskyepresents


Biola looked fly today so here’s her OOTD!



We also met this Isreali guy (Nadav) who was asked us where we were from and we said ‘Nigeria” , he instantly started speaking yoruba to us and I decided to film it. Below is a 1minute clip.

WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY (click the settings bar at the base of the video and watch in 720/1080HD)


DSC_0404 DSC_0405

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Day 3: Charing cross+


Hello all,

Today was sunny, windy and chilly all in one! hence my outfit. I went to charing cross for an appointment, when I was done I decided to do a quick outfit post, I ran into one of my colleagues from uni Atinuke, it was great to see

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