I had such a splendid day today , I went out with one of my best friends Biola (if you remember her from my reflection journal post,) I’ve known Biola for 12years and she’s an amazing person. We later went to have Chinese at Piccadilly circus after a brief meeting and the food was great!!

If you love Biola’s hair(Brazilian tight curls) you can place orders for a custom wig

contact: Annabel of Annskye

Instagram: @annskyepresents


Biola looked fly today so here’s her OOTD!



We also met this Isreali guy (Nadav) who was asked us where we were from and we said ‘Nigeria” , he instantly started speaking yoruba to us and I decided to film it. Below is a 1minute clip.

WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY (click the settings bar at the base of the video and watch in 720/1080HD) 


DSC_0404 DSC_0405

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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9 Comments on “DAY 4: BIOLA’S OOTD, NADAV AND FOOD!”

  1. Biola is definitely styling, lol! And that “Bawo ni” guy…you’re sure you didn’t get his number? Or you did and you didn’t film it? Hahaha jk 😛

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