Hello people,
These are six items I’ve been loving this past month, and I would certainly be restocking them, if I ever run out!

1. M.A.C MINERALISE SKIN FINISH POWDER: Guys! I’ve been dulling! This powder is the truth! I was a bit hesitant to buy it because I assumed it would have a “bronzed finish” and I’d be shining, but this powder is a full face powder, it covers right, sets your foundation perfectly and makes you glow. I wear it everyday and I love it. (I’m in the shade Dark deep and it totally makes me look brighter)DSC_0018DSC_0024

2. ARM & HAMMER TOOTHPASTE: Although my teeth is sort of white already, this toothpaste really cleans, I hardly change paste, but I bought this based on a referral to try it out. I wouldn’t say it completely whitens your teeth, but it does slightly. It contains baking soda so it cleans up stains. However at first I didn’t like the taste of chloride or the sodium in it. But I’m used to it now and I always look forward to brushing(truthfully)!I feel my teeth are whiter, maybe its just the psychology behind it. lol but I don’t care..DSC_0008

3. M.A.C FLAT OUT FABULOUS LIPSTICK: If you watch my videos, this is what I’ve been wearing lately! It’s matte and I personally feel it was made for dark skin! It’s all kind of awesome ! I literally get compliments anytime I wear this lipstick. 10/10 for me! Good job M.A.C!DSC_0014

4. COLLECTION EYE DEFINER: This eye stick(not pencil) is so lovely! It’s creamy but gives a powdery finish after application. Since I bought it, my brow filling process has become wayyyy easier. Great buy!DSC_0030

5. EMU OIL:  For those who don’t know what Emu oil is, it’s a natural oil gotten from the Australian Emu bird, it’s actually a healing and soothing oil but also used for hair(it aids growth), I did a short review in my hair update video and you can watch if interested. The oil is not greasy at all, no odour and absorbs quickly into my skin. I love the way my skin feels and looks after use.


6. REVLON PHOTO-READY FOUNDATION: Truthfully after Mary-Kay this foundation was my first love. Although I switched to M.A.C studio fix fluid a while back, I couldn’t neglect it for too long. I love M.A.C foundations for days when I want to look beat for a short while. In comparison, Revlon leaves my face fresh for long hours, its not oily and I just love the airbrush finish! (I’m in the shade Cappuccino).DSC_0010

Those are my current favs! Let me know if you’ve used any of these products, or which ones you’d be buying!

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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