Hello people, for over a year now I have been hallucinating for this day to come, the day I cut all of my hair off !
I started noticing the beauty in natural hair a couple of years back and instantly fell in love with it ,its more indigenous to my culture,

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A better way to shop!


Hi darlings! So summer is almost over and most of us are done shopping or just started shopping but either ways I have few tips to share with you, that helped me a lot and still helping me at the moment !so please enjoy
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Besides the obvious Love for fashion am also into makeup,and for about 5 years that have been using proper makeup I have tested a variety of products from Mary-kay, Black opal, Revlon and Iman: and I have not gotten a product after my own heart till I met Flori-Roberts(through a referral) an american brand that is produced by the same corporation that produces the Iman line,This oil-absorbing, lightweight formula keeps makeup looking fresh and velvety matte for hours. Available in 4 complexion enhancing shades Fawn,honey,toast and coffee. It Can be worn alone or give the finishing touch to makeup. Also I would do my everyday makeup routine video using this powder in my next post .

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My interview with Nigeria’s own celeb tattoo artist !!

This is a Special edition and its about tattoos(very informative), so this week I had an interview with a very talented Nigerian tattoo artist, who have gotten to know over time (familiarity lol )thanks to a mutual friend, anyway this post is going to be in a question and answer form but definitely with pictures ,here we go, hope you enjoy !
Q- so can we please know your name/brand name?
A-my name is Darlington Chukwumezie but I am best known as DLT celebrity tattooist.
Q-how did you get into this form of art?
A-well,I have been an artist for a while, painting and graffiti since I was a child,its my God-given talent, but I went into tattooing in 2004.
Q– what’s your general opinion on tattoos
A– personally, I do not think tattooing is fashion, I think it’s a way of expressing yourself maybe an event or anything memorable.
Q- you mentioned that you are a celeb tattooist can you explain?
A– (laughs)I do tattoos for everyone but my clientele has involved a lot of celebrities that’s why I am called that.
Q-hmm celebrities like?
A-(chuckles) wizkid ayo,ice prince zamani,mocheddah,saucekid,general phype,ASA ashika(davido’s manager),lekki hood finest,and uk based DOT STAR etc.
Q-have you ever been judged by your appearance?
A-basically only in Nigeria people look at my haircut(a gold dreaded mo-hawk),my tattoos and piercings and think am either crazy or a musician never as an artist.
Q-do you ask your clients questions before their procedures?
A-yes I do, for example I ensure they are 18 and above, and know their reasons for it, not because of peer pressure/influence.
Q-how many tattoos do you have on your body and do you do them yourself?
A– (chuckles) I can’t count, and I did most of them myself but some are by other friends that are tattooist too.

Then I said thank you for his time, and we had a picture together..
to contact him here are his details
Phone number-07065557691
e-mail darlington_chuks@yahoo.com
Twitter: DLT_T

Here are some of his works below