A better way to shop!


Hi darlings! So summer is almost over and most of us are done shopping or just started shopping but either ways I have few tips to share with you, that helped me a lot and still helping me at the moment !so please enjoy

1. Focus more on staple items : now i mean the shoes, bags, signature pieces like dresses, unique shirts that if worn with your old clothes would look like an entire new outfit!

2. Always look for a bargain: now I do not mean you should invest on cheap low quality items in the bid to save money, I mean go round shops better still go to malls where you can find variety. Dont just see an item and out of first love purchase instantly , go online find out the suggested retail value before you just bring out that cash.

3. Always style in your head while shopping: now I am not sure If it’s just me who does this but while shopping I begin to visualise in my head style options and combinations I.e I imagine “oh I have that leopard print skirt that will go with this cream chiffon shirt that am about to buy” this helps you to give a better sense of direction while shopping. And not buying the unnecessary all because it’s cheap at the moment or attractive.

4. Try on your purchases on before stepping out the store: most stores have fitting rooms where you can test your purchases on in order to avoid future journeys of exchanges and the hassles of refunds, for the stores who do not have fitting rooms, inquire at the desk about their refund/ exchange policies to avoid stories in case of any problems when you get home.

5. Never ever spend above your means or budget!: shopping is such a fun exercise for me, that I could walk a whole mile as far as all I see are shops and mannequins lol, we get carried away while shopping most times and begin to spend above out budget for instance you plan on spending just a £100 on a spree and before you know it ,it’s exhausted and you are pulling out that credit/debit card. Learn to gauge your thirst . Stop looking when you are done shopping! Go home!! P.s write a shopping list and leave small allowance for contingencies .

Hope this helps you on your next sojourn ! Plenty love xx.


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