Hi beautiful people!
So this was a tag from my dear friend and blogger Fara of absolutely vain, hence these are 10 absolutely random facts about me 😀

1. I hate any kind of pasta or noodle yuck!

2. I got a tattoo on my ankle and my parents didn’t notice until about 4years later thanks to my grandma’s big eyes! Lol

3. I used to have a closet that was 60% full of black attires and I didn’t notice until while back in school, a rumour started going round that I was mourning my ex-boyfriend after a breakup lol, thinking about it now, whoever started and believed that rumour is obviously shallow lool!

4. I never wore makeup till my second year in university.

5. My dad had an obsession with planes and aircrafts and always used to talk about it whilst I was growing up, then I thought to myself “I wanna be a pilot when I grow up” Lol but as time passed I realised I’ll rather be
a relaxed passenger than to be the one flying it.

6.Am such a dreamer!!! Gosh, I literally dream every night! And not silly dreams that you don’t remember when you wake up, I remember the details of my dreams vividly, sometimes I think it’s a spiritual tool, but sometimes I think it’s a result of my imaginations during the day.

7. I have a problem of using things till their useful life is over and beyond! Lol, k maybe not clothes but every other thing, gadgets, tools, journals, bibles… Most times my brother who is a product junkie literally has to remind me to get a new one , e.g I had a phone that I used till it wept lol, the back cover was gone( I bought a phone case to hide that), the charging point had fallen out, had to use a desktop charger, hence I had two batteries to interchange lol, well I guess it’s the accountant in me 😀

8. When I was younger, I entered into a competition for little miss EKo and won the title of miss photogenic, that explains my love for the camera.

9. On my playlist you’ll find plenty old school Nigerian songs e.g lagbaja, Yemi Shodimu’s ” love me jeje”, la la le Friday, Fela kuti and lots more, those kind of songs can put a smile on my face even when am close to livid! 😀

10. Finally ! When growing up I hated my eyes, I just thought they were so huge for my small head and all my classmates used to make fun of me,called me a cat, owl, and all sorts of wide eyed creatures lol, until about 12 when one of my older cousins told me I had cat eyes, but she said it as a compliment and it stuck, also when I started wearing makeup, I realised that I loved my eyes more than any other feature on my face :D, lol

THE END! Hope you enjoyed…


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